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The excitement of seeing your stories posted on the Internet can not be matched! Many families and young people create home pages to showcase their creative work, but you don’t need to create your own Web site to be published on the Net. In fact, your creative work will probably get greater exposure if you submit it to an online publisher. I recommend these sites for kids who yearn to be published.

CRUNCH4 stars

From the National Center for Educational Statistics, CRUNCH "provides a forum for student-created content; we invite you to challenge yourselves, explore ideas in new ways, and have fun doing so!" Submissions are accepted for Features (current feature topic is School Uniforms), Arts Review ("Choose a book, compact disk, concert, art show, movie, or TV show and explain why others should read, listen to, or view it." ), Tech Review (for games, software or hardware) and Show-Off (fiction and poetry).

English Online Writer's Window5 stars

Writers up to age seventeen are encouraged "to share their work and help each other improve their writing." Published works are categorized by age range and genre, and reader feedback is solicited about each piece. Categories include short stories, poetry, research papers, book reviews, television reviews and movie reviews. There are also five continuous stories that you can add to.

Write Me a Story5 stars

"How does Write Me a Story work? Each week we challenge you to write a story with the character, prop and place we give you. You send it in, KidsCom Kids vote on their favorites and the work of two kids from each age group end up in Stunningly Stupendous Stories every week." Votes are tallied in two divisions: eleven and under, and twelve and over. Last week's story placed Dad and a parachute in the jungle. Hmm .... ripe with possibilities, isn't it?

ZOOM Send It5 stars

ZOOM, a PBS television series and awesome Web site, goes beyond stories and poems and also wants your art work, recipes, science experiments, media reviews, home movies, plays, brainteasers, jokes and craft ideas. Although just a portion of the work submitted gets published on the Web site, some of makes it to the television show. "ZOOM is powered by the 1,025,697 kids who sent in stuff so far." That's a lot of creative kids!

ZuZu5 stars

"ZuZu is made great by the contribution of young artists, photographers and writers just like YOU. The following pages offer instant submission opportunities for your creative pleasure... Write on!" ZuZu used to be a print magazine distributed to schools in New York city, but in 1996 it re-invented itself on the World Wide Web. For their upcoming issue (they still have that print mentality), ZuZu is soliciting mystery stories, and articles about your collections of stuff, your neighborhood, and young people making a difference in the world.

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!


Merlyn's Pen

Stone Soup

Word Dance

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