Reading Comprehension

Barbara J. Feldman

Today’s reading comprehension sites are for a variety of readers. Whether you are helping a young child learn to read, are a student of English as a second language, or are a high-school student studying for the SAT, we’ve got you covered.

  • Compact for Reading & School-Home Links4 stars

    The Compact for Reading outlines a partnership between families and schools to improve reading skills, but it's the School-Home Links Reading Kits I want you to look at. They are available in easy-to-print PDF format for four grade levels: K through 3. Weighing in at a hefty hundred pages each, they are chock full of printable reading activities and worksheets. Great stuff, but very elementary. You may find your own student ready to do the grade 3 level work at a much younger age.

  • Major Tests: SAT Prep: Reading Comprehension5 stars

    Major Tests is the only one of today's picks specifically for high-school students prepping for the Critical Reading section of the SAT. Since the reading passages on the actual SAT vary in length and number of questions, so do these fourteen practice tests. Each interactive practice quiz is scored immediately, and wrong answers are explained (woo hoo!) Other sections of the site cover math, vocabulary and writing skills.

  • Mr. Nussbaum: Reading Comprehension Exercises5 stars

    Mr. Nussbaum (a fourth grade teacher from Virginia) color codes the grade-levels for his reading quizzes, and organizes them into topic areas such as Famous People, Animals, and History. Rather than correct the eight and ten question quizzes at completion, feedback is given at each answer, and students are allowed multiple tries to choose the right answer. Take a moment to review the instructions on the sample screenshot before you begin. It shows you where the timer is (only for fourth and fifth grade levels) and how to change the layout of the questions.

  • Pearson Longman: Online Practice Reading Tests5 stars

    Although scholastic publisher Pearson Longman produced these practice tests for Limited English Profiency (LEP) students in grades one through eight, they'll be valuable to a much larger audience. "The reading tests provided here are a combination of multiple choice, short-answer, and long-answer questions. The short-answer and long-answer questions are designed to have students process the information in the passage, analyze it, and organize it for the answer. In this way, these practice questions test students' analytical abilities, not just comprehension."

  • Teach-Nology: Reading Comprehension Worksheets5 stars

    Some of these worksheets and printables are for paid members only, but with over a hundred free printable worksheets, Teach-Nology easily earns its five- star rating. The printable worksheets are targeted at grades four, five and six. Topics include science, social studies, animals, and history. Some of the quizzes are multiple choice; others are fill-in-the-blank. To print the activity pages without ads, be sure to click the "Print this worksheet" icon at the top of the page.

  • Honorable Mentions

    The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

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