Paul Revere

Paul Revere

Paul Revere (1735 – 1818) was an American patriot best known for riding on a borrowed horse from Boston to Lexington on April 18, 1775 to warn the colonists that British troops were approaching. The next day, when the British arrived in Lexington, the colonial minutemen were waiting for them. [Editor’s Note: A more recent version of this topic can be found here: Paul Revere.]

Paul Revere Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00 Revere Speaks3 stars

"I, Paul Revere, of Boston, in the colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England; of lawful age, do testify and say; that I was sent for by Dr. Joseph Warren, of said Boston, on the evening of the 18th of April, about 10 o'clock ..." Read about the events of April 18, 1775 as written by Revere himself. The colonial language can be a bit difficult to follow, but as you read this, consider how Revere's account of that night differs from the Longfellow poem.

Archiving Early America: Paul Revere, Messenger of the Revolution5 stars

"The Regulars are coming! The Regulars are coming!" Be sure to turn your speakers on before arriving at this animated slide show describing Revere's famous ride. "Paul Revere had an illustrious career as an engraver, silversmith, watchmaker and soldier, but above all we will always remember him as a patriot and folk hero in the name of freedom." Although there are no links to the rest of the Archiving Early America site from this page, you'll find more Paul Revere resources by visiting, and searching for "Paul Revere."

Paul Revere House5 stars

Paul Revere's small wooden home in Boston's North End is one of the city's oldest buildings. This National Landmark site is my pick of the day because it includes photos of the house, a Revere biography, and lots of details about Revere's famous ride. The best clicks, however, are in Just for Kids. They include a printable Paul Revere crossword puzzle, ideas for classroom activities, and a colonial-era recipe for dried apple snacks.

Paul Revere Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

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National Lancers

Patriot Resource: Paul Revere

Read Write Thing: Paul Revere Lesson Plans

US History: Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

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