Snow Sports

Snow Sports

Today’s selections are a mixture of fun and instruction. Two are chock-full of snow games to be played on your computer screen, and the remaining three will help you prepare for actually hitting the slopes with advice on improving your skills on the hill.

CBC 4 Kids: Snowboarding4 stars

This excellent introduction to snowboarding explains concepts such as fall line and linked turns with illustrations and a few audio interviews. Click on Show Me for a nine-step tutorial on getting down the hill for the first time. The snowboarding feature is just one of seventeen sports covered by this Canadian Broadcasting Company site. Follow the link near the very bottom of the page for articles on getting started with gymnastics, table tennis, a yo-yo, figure skating or ice hockey.

Jump into Snowboarding5 stars

The very first snowboard was made in 1965 by an eighth grader in shop class. This doesn't surprise me at all. What does amaze me is that this great Web site was created by fourth graders. It is my pick of the day and it was a second place winner in the 1998 ThinkQuest Jr. competition. Visit for the History of Snowboarding, Snowboarding Dictionary, Geometry of Snowboarding and a simple way to figure out if you are regular or goofy footed.

Kids Domain Snow Sports5 stars

Kids Domain is a just-for-the-fun-of-it site for snow games, coloring, puzzles and downloadable games to be played off line. There are so many amusements here, it's hard to choose favorites. I like the online games because they are so easy to access and play; and I like the free downloadable games because you can play them when you're not on the Internet. Also noteworthy are the snow sport software and video game reviews.

Snowlink: Learn and Improve5 stars

Now back to the serious business of improving your skiing and snowboarding skills. Snowlink has dozens of articles on choosing equipment, dressing for the winter sport of your choice, rules of safety and responsibility, and a beginner's Frequently Asked Questions. The quality of the information makes a must-visit site for anyone bringing beginners (of any age) to the snow. This season I want to try cross country skiing and snow-shoeing, and I learned a lot from these informative pages.

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

GORP Family Snow Sports

How to Buy a Snowboard

Ski Resort Guide

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