Space Day

Space Day

Although there are a number of Space Days, the most well known is the one started by Lockheed Martin in 1997 that is celebrated on the first Friday of May.

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Amazing Space5 stars

At the core of Amazing Space is a set of eleven interactive educational activities (such as The Truth About Black Holes and Galaxies Galore) created by the educational team at Space Telescope Science Institute (the Hubble Telescope people.) Also visit for news about Hubble's twentieth anniversary, and to explore astronomy in the Capture the Cosmos feature. Teachers and homeschooling parents will find teaching tools and astronomy resources under the Educators/Developers tab.

Lockheed Martin Space Day4 stars

"Since its launch in 1997, the Space Day educational initiative, which takes place on the first Friday of each May, has evolved into a massive grassroots effort dedicated to the extraordinary achievements, benefits and opportunities in the exploration and use of space." Visit the official site for news, resources for organizing a local Space Day event, lesson plans and games. Games (woo hoo!) include a word search, jigsaw puzzle, and Star Search, "a game dedicated to the identification and appreciation of the constellations."

NASA: Space Place4 stars

NASA's Space Place is the place for hands-on elementary-age space crafts ("Make your own jewel in the sky, a model Saturn decoration"), space activities ("Play our Intergalactic Adventures board game and be the first to explore a black hole and live to tell about it!") and space experiments ("Test a new spacecraft material.") You'll also find a smattering of fun space facts, but not exhaustive reference material.

NASA: Students5 stars

With links to grade-level content for grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and college students, the NASA student portal certainly has something for everyone. Great clicks includes Homework Topics (for homework help), Stuff You Can Do (submit your name to be included on a microchip being sent to Mars in 2011), and watch videos ("Why does NASA study Earth from space?") For the youngest kids (K-4) there are space-themed games and stories. For those wanting a customized NASA homepage, or a place to bookmark NASA content and videos, MyNASA is available without registration on one computer (it uses cookies) or create a free account to access your saved goodies from any computer.

Space.com4 stars is a news aggregator, calling itself "the world's No. 1 source for news of astronomy, skywatching, space exploration, commercial spaceflight and related technologies." The front page displays Top Stories and Recent Headlines, while section tabs feature stories in Space Flight, Science, Technology, NightSky, SpaceViews (image galleries) and Entertainment (such a voting for your favorite space movie!)

Space Day Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy! Outer Space Craft Projects

NASA: Hubble Space Telescope

NASA: Kids' Club

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