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Can’t get away this summer? How about some arm chair travel, Internet style? These families, archeologists, sailors and adventurers are traveling the world, sharing their diaries with us (and several million other strangers) every few days on the Net. Internet travelogues are an intimate and educational way to travel the world vicariously. Bon Voyage!

  • Laffitte Brothers4 stars

    "We are Nicolas (nine), Mathieu (seven) and Lucas (four), each a year older since we started this voyage. Our house is in Seattle, USA but our home away from home is our forty-seven foot sailing vessel called Kyrnos. We want you to come along with us on our adventure , a two year cruise around the Pacific Ocean. Oh, we had to take our parents along too!" New dispatches and photos from various island paradises are posted every couple of weeks.

  • Trans Oceanic Rowing Expedition3 stars

    Mick Bird is just beginning his three-year journey aboard his rowing vessel Reach. The first stop of his 24,000 mile voyage will be Hawaii. Mick's boat is the culmination of five years of work. Traditional construction was blended with state-of-the-art epoxies and technology to create a virtually indestructible hull. Satellite communication will be used to provide a direct link to classrooms. Stay tuned to his Web site for on-going coverage.

  • Viking Voyage 10005 stars

    Nearly 1000 years ago, Leif Ericsson sailed 1800 miles from Greenland to Newfoundland, establishing the first contact between Europeans and native North Americans. Today twelve men are duplicating that journey in an authentic Viking ship called a knarr. Follow the ship's movements, track weather reports and read the crew's journal entries. But before you leave, be sure to play Viking Voyage 1000, the game. The challenge is to complete the journey in one sailing season while avoiding icebergs, compensating for changing wind conditions, and managing your food supply.

  • Honorable Mentions

    The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

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