Winter Olympics 2014

Winter Olympics 2014

The first Winter Olympic Games took place in Chamonix, France in 1924 with sixteen nations participating in thirteen events in five sports. This year at the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia (February 6 to February 23, 2014) there will be athletes from eighty-eight nations competing in eighty-nine events in fifteen sports. The XI Paralympic Games will follow, running from March 7 to March 26, 2014.

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Activity Village: Winter Olympics5 stars

"Explore our collection of printables specifically for the Winter Olympics in Sochi , 2014." With printable Olympic coloring pages, worksheets, and word search puzzles, Activity Village is a must visit for those with preschool and elementary-age kids. For more Olympic fun, be sure to explore the Sports section (with fifteen featured winter sports) and the Country section with links to printable worksheets and flags for more than sixty Olympic countries.

Infoplease: 2014 Winter Olympics4 stars

Infoplease presents a fun mixture of Olympic history, biographies, news, trivia, quizzes, and crosswords. For example, Figure Skating Team is making its Olympic debut in Sochi. "This competition will begin before the Opening Ceremony. Ten countries will field a male and female single skater, a pairs team, and an ice dancing team. The singles and pairs will perform a free program and the ice dancing teams will do both a short and free dance program." Don't leave without trying your hand at least one of the five Olympic quizzes or four crossword puzzles.

NBC Olympics5 stars

NBC is the official Olympic television network in the U.S., and is the go-to site for TV schedules, results and medal counts. But reasons to visit extend way beyond stats, because this terrific site is full of human interest stories, athlete bios, video gallery, and tweets and blogs listed by individual sport.

Sochi 2014: Mascots' Home5 stars

This is the official site of the Sochi 2014 Mascots. Meet the Polar Bear, the Hare and the Leopard, who represent the Winter Olympics; and Snowflake and Ray of Light who are the mascots for the Paralympic Games. "It is interesting that, originally, the only symbols of the Olympic Games were the emblem (five interlocking rings) and the Olympic flame. The idea of an Olympic mascot was officially approved at the 73rd Session of the International Olympic Committee which took place in Munich, Germany in summer 1972."

Team USA: Sochi 20145 stars

Best clicks at the official U.S. Olympic Team site are the athlete bios and blogs, photo galleries, videos, and Go For Gold athlete features. Other cool clicks are the links to individual team sites, such as the and (home of the U.S. Figure Skating Association) found under Sports. Peruse News for the latest on team qualifications, as well has features on past news, such as the Tonya-Nancy scandal of 1994. "From the moment Kerrigan was attacked through the Olympic women's competition in Lillehammer, Norway, when Tonya Harding's skate lace broke, the Tonya-Nancy melodrama played out in living rooms around the globe."

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ABC Winter Olympics 2014 News

CNN: Aiming for Gold

Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics for Kids

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