St. Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers and Students

St Patricks Day

The bulletin board in your classroom is a great place for posting information, motivational quotes, and of course a fun way to get students involved in the classroom. On holiday months, decorating with a holiday theme is a tried but true practice. The following is a look at St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board ideas:

Pots of gold: For this bulletin board you need to have the following items:

  • 3 inch round cut outs of gold or yellow construction paper.
  • Green background paper (wrapping paper or large rolled sheets work best)
  • Stencils or cut out lettering
  • Photos of each student.
  • Multiple colors of construction paper.

Start by covering the whole bulletin board with green paper. Edge the bulletin board with St. Patrick’s Day themed border. Then, in Lettering, stencils, or writing put up the phrase, “Don’t miss all the colors in the rainbow looking for that pot of gold.” Then create a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end, and put your student’s faces in as cut outs on the gold coins. The ideas is that you want your students to see everything, and become well rounded, not just get caught up in one aspect of school. You can put lettering on each rainbow stripe so that they read the different subjects you will be covering, etc. and put “graduation” or something else that might be a distraction for your classroom on the pot of gold.

Lucky shamrocks: For this bulletin board idea, you want your students to know that they make their own luck. In other words, hard work, doing home work, persistence, etc. is what luck is made of, not shamrocks. So, you are going to do a shamrock theme.

  • Start by covering the entire bulletin board with green paper. Large sheets of rolled or wrapping paper is the easiest
  • Next, get a white poster board, and using a marker, make it into a calendar that reads March at the top. Then fill in each school day with a focus point or a task. It might say, “Read 40 minutes instead of 20.” Or “Complete homework before Sunday night.” For a weekend one or something else. These should be little motivational and practical tips and tools to help your class succeed, and in doing so create their own luck.  Staple this to the center of the board.
  • Use letter stencils or templates to write the phrase, “You make your own luck.” At the top of the board.
  • Then, trace small shamrocks from templates or stencils, enough to create a border around the edge of the bulletin. Have each student write their name, a goal, etc. on the shamrock, and post them up as your borders. You can further embellish the board with rainbows, leprechauns, etc. to give it a more St. Patrick’s Day feel.

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