Great Irish Bulletin Board Ideas


The bulletin board in a classroom is a place to get creative, have fun, and give your students a visual reminder of all things good and fun. The following are some great St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board ideas:

  • Rainbow pot of gold: This is a bulletin board where you are going to have a rainbow, a pot of gold, a leprechaun, and of course a phrase. The phrase should say something to the effect of, “My students are worth more than gold.” Then you are going to have cut outs of their faces on the “gold pieces” in your pot at the end of the rainbow. Because it is St. Patrick’s Day themed you can use green paper as your background and a St. Patrick’s Day inspired border. If you want to put the student’s faces on the coins you will need to request that each student bring a photo, or you will have to do some advanced planning and take pictures of all of your students so that none of them feel left out. Kids love this as they get to be involved and it embraces the holiday.
  • I don’t need luck, I do homework: This is a really fun bulletin board for St. Patrick’s Day. For this particular bulletin board you will want a lot of cut out shamrocks. They are the Irish symbol of good luck. Then you want to have a background of a field (green paper), and put a leprechaun in the center with a word bubble coming out of its mouth. The word bubble should read, “I don’t need luck, I do my homework.” Just be sure to tell your students that the legend says that leprechauns can’t tell a lie. So, in saying they do their homework they are being truthful. This might get your students more motivated to complete their own homework, and be a fun little display of holiday spirit.
  • Luck and wishes: Bulletin boards are a great way to get your students involved. So, for the St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board, line the board with some green background paper, and then have each student write out their lucky wish on a shamrock that you can then post around the outside as the border. This can be a goal for school, a wish for their future, or just something they think they might need luck to achieve. Then, in the center of the bulletin, make a leprechaun and have the phrase, “ Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. This is a little moral lesson that teaches your students that if they put in the work, and prepare themselves, they don’t need shamrocks to achieve their dreams.

Regardless of what you do, choose a theme, and find a fun saying or quote that will inspire the kids or be humorous to them, and post it with green, gold, and rainbows for St. Patrick’s Day.

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