Easy Search for St. Patrick’s Day Clipart


St. Patrick’s day is a fun holiday celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, and has many customs and traditions observed in his honor, from wearing green to wishing on shamrocks to eating corned beef and cabbage. One fun way to embrace the holiday is with St. Patrick’s day clip art.

Why you want St. Patrick’s Day clip art: There are a million reasons to want St. Patrick’s Day clip art. For example, it is a fun way to decorate the home, office, or classroom. It can provide kids with hours of cutting, coloring, pasting, and crafting fun. It helps bring the spirit of the holiday to your life. It is basically a great way to embrace all of the fun, quirky, and mythical traditions associated with the holiday. Basically there are plenty of reasons why, and plenty of things you can do with St. Patrick’s Day clip art, especially if you are a teacher. You can make cards, decorate homework pages, or put together a great classroom bulletin board. So, where do you find this great clip art?

Where to find St. Patrick’s Day clip art: There are a number of places to look for St. Patrick’s Day clip art. Your computer might already have a good selection of clip art for the holiday. You can purchase software programs that are filled with clip art that represents all of the holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day, or you can look online and find sites that offer high quality, free, or low cost, clip art options for St. Patrick’s Day. Here are a few great sites to visit for St. Patrick’s Day clip art:

1. www. Squidoo.com : Once you have gotten to this site, in the search bar you simply type in “St. Patrick’s Day clip art” and you will be taken to a number of different sources within the site. They offer free and paid options, can take you to some of their top rates sites so that you do not waste hours waiting for tons of banners and other junk to load when viewing clip art, and allows you to sort through and find the stuff specific to your needs. This is a great place to start your search for clip art for the Emerald Isle holiday.

2. Christmas Graphics Plus: This site might be named “Christmas graphics” but don’t forget the “plus”. They offer a number of great graphics designed specifically to highlight this holiday and all it has to offer. You can look at general graphics for the holiday, or you can look at specifics such as the options of leprechauns, shamrocks, or miscellaneous holiday art. This can cut your search time down significantly as it will give you links directly to the kind of clip art you need and want.

Another option is to simply Google the term “st. patricks day clip art” and see what you get. Look for free, royalty free products.

The Night Before St. Patrick s Day
The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
Price: $1.38
The Luckiest St. Patrick s Day Ever
The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever
Price: $2.05
St. Patrick s Day
St. Patrick's Day
Price: $2.48