Fun Games to Play ON St. Patrick’s Day

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There are plenty of fun games that can be played on St. Patrick’s Day. While you are partaking of traditional Irish food, wearing green and even making crafts, be sure to include some of these fun games into your celebration. The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is supposed to be a fun-filled, wearing of the green holiday, and these games will help you do just that! Whether you are in charge of your child’s school celebration or just want to have a celebration at home, here are fun games to play on St. Patrick’s Day-

Relay Races-There are several variations on relay races that can add to the fun and excitement of your St. Patrick’s Day party. Here are a few things to remember. To start with any type of relay face, divide the group up into at least two teams. Each team stands behind a pre-determined line. When you say go, one person from each team runs to a particular spot, has to complete a task, and then returns as quickly as possible so that the next player can go.

Pick your Shamrock-Each member of the team will run to a basket that is filled with cut-outs in the shape of the shamrock. You should have written or printed on each one an instruction for a particular action. You can use things like “Hop like a leprechaun” or “Fly like a fairy.” Each person must then get back to his team in the manner that is written on his or her shamrock.

Pot of Gold-In this relay race, each person must run down to a predetermined spot and then turn around and race back to his or her team with a pot of gold coins balanced on his or her head.

Musical Shamrocks-This game is played just like the Musical Chairs version, except instead of chairs you can use large shamrocks that you tape to the floor. After every round remove at least one of the shamrocks, making sure that you always have one less shamrock than players. For added effect you can play Irish or Celtic music. The last player standing on the Shamrock wins a prize!

Doing the Clover Stomp-This is an energetic party game that allows kids to burn off some extra energy during the St. Patrick’s Day party.

You will need:

10 clover stickers
10 one-inch-square pieces of white paper
10 green balloons

Instructions for playing the game-Before the game begins attach each of the clover stickers to one of the pieces of white paper. You will then need to get the 10 stickers into the 10 green balloons. Blow up all of the balloons with stickers, along with additional green balloons, 20 or 30 should do, that don’t have stickers inside. Spill the balloons along the floor of the party room. Set a timer for one minute and tell your guests that they can use any method to pop the balloons. For those guests that get one of the “prize balloons” you can give themed prizes such as St. Patrick’s Day notepads, pencils or even more stickers. Keep in mind that this game can get wild so be sure to have plenty of room to do it in.

Leprechaun Says-This is the St. Patrick’s Day version of Simon Says. This game has the kids completing tasks according to the directions being given. For some extra fun, have an adult (dressed as a leprechaun) offer instructions, such as touching a rainbow, finding a shamrock or picking a gold coin out of a treasure basket. If the player does something when the adult has not said, “Leprechaun Says” then he or she is out of the game. The last one standing wins!

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