Four Leaf Clover Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is most associated with green and four leaf clovers. When searching for crafts to do on St. Patrick’s Day there are many to do that have to do with four leaf clovers. In this article I have included a few four leaf clover crafts for St. Patrick’s Day.

To make a four leaf clover the easiest way is to use four hearts drawn on green colored construction paper and then cut out. The top of your heart becomes the leaf and the pointed part of the heart will attach to the clover stem to make your four leaf clover. Now that you know the easiest way to make a four leaf clover we can look at other crafts to make with them.

For a more formal four leaf clover craft project you can use different fabrics that have green colors either as the primary color or accent colors. You will also need a picture frame. You will then use your four leaf clover templates to create a four leaf clover using your different fabrics. You can arrange the fabrics any way you want to and then glue them to a poster board or thin piece of cardboard that is cut to fit your picture frame. The back of the poster board should be decorated with green or white, you can also use fabric that is not included in your four leaf clover. When your glue is dried you can put the picture into the frame. You can then give this as a gift or hang it in your own home. You can also use this project as teacher gifts and just use a smaller frame. You can add an Irish poem to the frame if you like.

A great four leaf clover gift for girls is a hair pin made of the four leaf clovers. To create these festive hairpins you will need: Green colored felt (thick felt will do better on this craft then a thinner felt), scissors, needle, embroidery floss or any type of heavy thread, craft glue, small paintbrush, a barrette, hair comb, or bobby pin. You begin with making small rounded leaves, for the four leaf clover you will want to make four.

Make one of your leaves and then copy that pattern onto the rest for uniformity. After you have all three leaves for your clover you can sew them together at the bottom with a running stitch. Tie the thread ends together and pull the ends together. This will bring the petals together making it a four leaf clover. Make a small stem out of your green felt and glue or sew your clover leaves to the stem. Apply some glue to your barrette, hair comb, or bobby pin and attach your four leaf clover. To make sure the clover stays on your hair accessory you will want to sew the four leaf clover around your barrette, comb or pin.

Another four leaf clover craft you can make for St. Patrick’s Day would be to make necklaces or bracelets. You can find four leaf clover charms or beads at craft stores or on-line. This is a simple project for any and is great for teaching little ones how to bead. Have beads in all green shades along with white beads. String them on wire together with the four leaf clover beads. You can tie the end together or use clasps that you can find in the bead section of craft stores.

There are a lot of four leaf clover crafts for St. Patrick’s Day fun. If you see a project made with three leaves which is typically a shamrock then you can just add an extra leaf to make it a four leaf clover. Just remember to have fun making the crafts.

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