Going Green with Your St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Going green with your St. Patrick’s Day crafts doesn’t mean you just color everything green. These days going green has to do with being environmentally friendly by recycling, reusing, and purchasing products that won’t harm the earth for years to come. There are plenty of crafts you can do for St. Patrick’s Day that will help you with being green. Most of these crafts have to do with recycling which is one of the best ways to go green.

This green St. Patrick’s Day craft is used with recycled baby food jars and can also be eaten by any little leprechauns you may have around. It is a great classroom craft or one to do with your children. This craft can be called leprechaun dust or leprechaun chowder in order to make this you will need pistachio pudding, or any other type of green pudding you may find, small baby food jars with lids, plastic spoons and milk. Put one tablespoon of pudding mix or leprechaun dust into each baby food jar, add ¼ cup milk to each jar, tighten the lid on the jar and let the little leprechauns shake the jar. This makes about 8 jars. Let the kids eat their leprechaun dust or leprechaun chowder.

Another green St. Patrick’s Day craft is used with old top hats from New Years hat or any sort of hat that you think may make a good leprechaun hat. Some of the best hats are ones that don’t have a front bill; beanie hats are also great for this green craft. Add a green or gold ribbon around the hat where the brim meets the top. You can use left over ribbon from other craft you have done. Then you can use a buckle that you have made out of gold or black construction paper. When you are finished you should have a hat that looks very much like the ones you see on leprechauns.

Making a piñata is a cute green St. Patrick’s Day craft you can make with old newspapers. This one will take a few weeks but the results will be great. You will need an inflated balloon, paper-mache paste, old newspapers, green colored tissue paper, candies and treats to put into the finished piñata. You will want the newspapers torn into 1 ½ wide strips. Blow up your balloon and try to keep it stable by putting it into a bowl. Drag your pieces of newspaper through the paste and start attaching it to your balloon. Overlap all your pieces until the balloon is fully covered. Be sure to leave a small hole of about 2 inches at the top for putting in candies and treats. Once the balloon is covered you need to give it a good day to dry. Add a second and third layer of newspaper and glue to the balloon in the next few days and allow to completely dry. The third layer can be done with your green tissue paper. After your balloon is fully dry you can paint it green if you didn’t use the tissue paper. This will be the body of a leprechaun. Add paper arms and legs to your leprechaun. You can make another balloon for the leprechaun face or just use cardstock. Your piñata is finished and ready to be destroyed. You can just leave the candy out and use it for decoration if you would like.

Going green with your St. Patrick’s Day crafts can be easy if you think of anything to recycle or reuse. Not only will you be having fun but you will also be doing the earth’s environment a favor.

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