Hanging Shamrocks

A simple St. Patrick’s Day craft would be to make shamrocks to hang around your house, office, classroom, or business. The only things you will need for this is a shamrock template if you don’t think you can draw one and some green construction paper. An easy way to make shamrocks is to use hearts as the shamrock leaf. The top of the heart becomes the leaf and the bottom part is attached to the shamrock stem. You can make as many shamrocks as you want and tape or hang them on windows or walls. This simple craft will bring the St. Patrick holiday spirit into any environment. This craft can also be done with fake gold. You can cut out circles of yellow construction paper to make your leprechaun gold. You can then glue or hang them near the shamrocks you have already placed around the room.

The Night Before St. Patrick s Day
The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
Price: $1.40
The Luckiest St. Patrick s Day Ever
The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever
Price: $2.07
St. Patrick s Day
St. Patrick's Day
Price: $2.52