St. Patrick’s Day Streamer

For a cute streamer to use during parades or while dancing an Irish jig you can make a simple rainbow streamer. To make this cute little craft all you need is rainbow colored crepe paper streamers, paper plates, scissors and glue or a stapler. Cut out the middle of your paper plate so that you have something to hold onto later. You can color the outside of the paper plate yellow if you like. Once this is done you will need to cut out your rainbow from the crepe paper, all the streamers should be 2-3 feet in length. Then you can staple or glue the crepe paper to the edge of the paper plate circle. Wave your rainbow streamer in the wind while you watching the parade or while you are dancing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
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St. Patrick s Day
St. Patrick's Day
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The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever
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