St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Adults

Making St. Patrick’s Day crafts can be a lot of fun! It is usually easier to think of lots of crafts to make with your kids, but what about St. Patrick’s Day crafts for adults? It’s not as hard as you might think to come up with some fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts for adults.

As you may know St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. He brought Christianity to Ireland and since his death; people have long celebrated his accomplishments by celebrating Irish culture. So how can you make St. Patrick’s Day crafts for adults that celebrate St. Patrick? Let’s look at some fun ideas:

Wear the Green

One of the easiest ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is to wear green. Make some pins or button shamrocks with your friends and you can all wear them to work on March 17th. Another St. Patrick’s Day adult craft is to create beaded wreaths with green and white beads you can make them larger or small enough to wear on your shirt, coat or purse.

The Shamrock

Another St. Patrick’s Day craft for adults is to create shamrocks they can hang on their front door, in the window or anywhere in the house. You will need some green construction paper and some glitter and glue. Then let people be creative in making their shamrock. Shamrocks are fun to use around the house as coasters, wreaths, and placemats. Parent’s always need placemats to catch those little spills by their children. Have some felt and contact paper and you have got yourself a placemat.

Many adults like to garden and planting shamrocks is another fun craft to do. You can purchase shamrocks and plant them in a pot or in your flower garden. They do grow rapidly so be sure to allow plenty of space for them to grow.

You can also spend a little time making some St. Patrick’s Day candles. They aren’t too difficult to make and will add a little “green” to your St. Patrick’s Day craft! They are a great gift idea to use too.

A St. Patrick’s Day door wreath can become a pot of gold. It is fairly simple to make. Just find a regular plain wreath and paint it black. Then get some yellow balls and glue gun them together to fill up the center of the wreath. Wrap some green foil around the edges and you have yourself a pot of gold!

Another fun St. Patrick’s Day craft for adults is to create a board game. By replacing the game “Bingo” with the new title “Lucky” and a few Irish characters, you have yourself a fun board game to remind everyone of this festive Irish holiday.

Keep the spirit of the Irish with you by thinking green and making shamrocks, rainbows and leprechauns! Everybody enjoys having a little pot of gold filled with golden wrapped chocolate or making some Irish fudge with a hint of green. So do a little brainstorming and you are bound to come up with some wonderful St. Patrick’s Day crafts for adults.

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