St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Gifts

Would you like to make some St. Patrick’s Day crafts and hand them out as gifts? It’s always fun to pass around some festive holiday gifts to your friends and family. It all depends on how you would like to create your St. Patrick’s Day crafts. Do you want to spend a little time or do you have a lot of time? Let’s look at a few ideas below:

Making leprechaun, rainbow and shamrock cookies are a great way to get to know your neighbors. Surprise them with a little “Irish” cookie in a leprechaun hat or pot of gold!

You can also spend a little time making some St. Patrick’s Day candles. They aren’t too difficult to make and will add a little “green” to your St. Patrick’s Day craft! They are a great gift idea to use too.

You can also make a pot of gold St. Patrick’s Day door wreath. It is also fairly simple to make. Just find a regular plain wreath and paint it black. Then get some yellow balls and glue gun them together to fill up the center of the wreath. Wrap some green foil around the edges and you have yourself a pot of gold!

Do you want your kids to help? Making rainbow wind chimes are a great St. Patrick’s Day gift and fun for the kids to make with you. Find some colored construction paper and cut out all the colors of the rainbow. Then, get a paper plate and tie string to the edges of the plate and attach them to the cut out pieces of colored paper. You have yourself a rainbow wind chime, if you want it to make noise you can purchase some bells and tie them to the strings.

A big easy gift to give for St. Patrick’s Day is a giant cut out of a shamrock for your neighbor’s front door. You can make it a neighborhood game and tell them they have been “pinched” by the leprechaun and they need to hang the shamrock on their front door and “pinch” another neighbor with a shamrock. It’s a great way for the whole neighborhood to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!

An easy to do St. Patrick’s Day craft is to cook up some Irish Soda bread and pass it around. It’s a great gift to give to help remind people of this special holiday.

How about passing out some shamrocks to plant in people’s gardens? Shamrocks are easy to maintain, they require a minimal water and sun and grow rapidly. It’s a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day longer than just one day!

If you are trying to make your St. Patrick’s Day gifts green, how about passing out some green fudge? St. Patrick’s Day fudge is fun to make and exciting when you add a touch of green to the fudge to get your neighbors wondering!
You can even create board games like “BINGO” and turn it into “LUCKY”! Replace the traditional rules with things to do with St. Patrick’s Day such as; shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows and a pot of gold. Passing the board game out as gifts is a fun way for everyone to get involved in St. Patrick’s Day!

However you decide to create your St. Patrick’s Day crafts, keep the sprit of the Irish with you by thinking green and making shamrocks, rainbows and leprechauns! Everybody enjoys having a little pot of gold filled with golden wrapped chocolate! St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday centered on having fun and lots of laughter so don’t stress out too much over finding the right St. Patrick’s Day craft to give to your neighbors.

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