St. Patty’s Day Yarn Bug

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated March 17th every year. Some places celebrate more then others; in Chicago they will dye the rivers green for the day. There are parades in many places around the United States. For your own St. Patrick’s celebration you don’t have to go all out to celebrate the day. You can just make some St. Patrick’s Day crafts to help you celebrate.

You can start off by making a St. Patrick’s Day yarn bug. This cute little bug will bring St. Patrick’s cheer to any room or even your office desk. You can also hand them out to friends or family as a nice gift for St. Patrick’s Day. Things you will need include green yarns of different shades, foam feet and hands or you can use card stock, some shamrock beads, green pipe cleaners, 20 mm wiggle eyes or you can use card stock, 2 ½ inch Styrofoam ball or a section from an egg carton, 5 inch square of cardboard, glue-tacky glue will work the best and scissors.

To begin making these cute guys you will need to make a green pompom. This is done by wrapping green yarn of either one shade or many shades around the 5 inch piece of cardboard at least 100 times. Cut a 6 inch piece of green yarn and slide it under the wrapped yarn, tie it tightly and use a double knot. Turn your cardboard over and cut completely through the yarn on this side. Turn your yarn ball sideways and smooth the strands down.

If you are using a Styrofoam ball you will want to flatten the bottom or you can use an egg carton section that already has a flat side. Cover the top and sides of the ball or egg carton piece with your glue. Arrange the pompom strands so that it can sit on top of the ball or egg carton. Press the pompom yarn into place and fix any empty spots.

Make small foam or card stock hands and feet from for your emerging yarn bug. Cut the feet pieces out and glue them on the bottom of your Styrofoam ball or egg carton. Cut your pipe cleaner in half and glue the hands to them and poke through the ball or carton. Glue on eyes that you have made from the card stock or the wiggly eyes you have. You can add antennae with the pipe cleaner and some beads attached to the top. Poke the pipe cleaners through the top and you have a nice St. Patrick’s Day bug.

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