Irish Lanyard and Beads

One other St. Patrick’s Day craft for your teen includes beads. This craft can become a charm for a bracelet or a pin that sits on their coat, shirt, hat or backpack. For one of the leprechaun hats made from pony beads you will need these pony beads: 24 green, 4 black and 2 silver or white. You will also need 4 feet of ribbon or beading wire along with a lanyard hook. To begin you will want to fold your ribbon or wire in half to locate the center. Secure the middle of the ribbon or wire to the lanyard with another piece of wire. When you have that finished you should have 2 strings coming from the sides of the lanyard attachment. Then you will want to start beading to make the leprechaun hat. Take one side of the ribbon and attach and then 5 green beads, run the other side of the ribbon through the beads. You will use both sides of the ribbon through the beads the rest of the way. Your second row of beads will also have green 5 beads, 3rd row has 6 green beads, on the 4th row you will need to have 2 white or silver beads in the middle with 2 black beads on each side. This makes the buckle for your leprechaun hat. The last row will have 8 green beads for the brim of the hat. Secure the ribbon on each side of the beads and hang the leprechaun hat from bracelets or backpacks, attach to a safety pin for putting on shirts or hats.

St. Patrick’s Day crafts for your teen should be somewhat harder then younger kids. It should also be something they will enjoy. Take time to find things that work for your teen, involve your teen and they will help you with ideas.

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