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St. Patty’s Day Fun Facts!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

There are a lot of fun and interesting facts to learn about St. Patrick’s Day. From the origins of the Shamrock to the fact that Hallmark is involved in the holiday, you may just be surprised to learn all that’s …[Continue]

Who Was St. Patrick?

Saint Patrick stained glass window Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland, CA.   By Sicarr (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 ]

St. Patrick is the central figure of the holiday known and celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day. However, few people really know about the man who is remembered on this day. Knowing about the life of St. Patrick can add meaning …[Continue]

All About: Leprechauns!


While there is not scientific proof that leprechauns exist, they do make fairly regular appearances in Irish literature. Leprechaun is believed to have been created from numerous other words. While the beginnings of the name all come from different sources, …[Continue]