St. Patrick File Folder Games

File folder games are simple, affordable and incredibly diverse ways of teaching lessons, keeping kids occupied and expressing creativity in productive ways. St. Patrick’s file folder games are as simple to make as finding St. Patrick’s themes you like and …[Continue]

St. Patrick’s Day Book

Making a St. Patrick’s Day book is also fun and great for younger kids who are learning to read and write. Take a normal 8 x 10 sheet of paper and fold it into 4 sections. Then cut the top …[Continue]

Rainbow Gelatin Cup

Jell-O is always fun for kids to make. You can make a rainbow Jell-O cup. It does take a few hours. Get all the colors of the rainbow and some sour cream if you want to add some fun layers. …[Continue]

Shamrock Clock

If you have a child who is learning to count or tell time, make a shamrock clock. Cut out a circle from your construction paper and draw 12 shamrocks around the circle with a number underneath them. Then poke a …[Continue]