Tech Tips for Families and Classrooms

School Access to Students' Passwords

Should Students be Forced to Hand Over Passwords?

A new Illinois law created to enable school administrators to investigate cyberbullying went into effect on January 1, 2015. It allows school adminstrators to demand social media passwords from students suspected of online harassment. Soon after one school district sent …[Continue]

Households and Family Library

How to Setup Amazon Family Sharing

Amazon recently announced that immediate family members can now share digital content including Kindle books, Amazon apps, and audiobooks. A household can contain one or two adults, and up to four children. 1) To setup your family library, login to …[Continue]

What is the Deep Web?

What is the Deep Web?

The Deep Web is that part of the Internet that is hidden from search engines such as Google and Yahoo! It’s the part of the web you can’t find unless you know about it. Researchers say that the Web we …[Continue]

How to automatically update all your passwords

How to Automatically Change Passwords

I’ve long been a proponent of using a password manager to keep your passwords long, obscure, and unique (so that you’re not using the same password at any two sites.) I recommend LastPass (which is the service I use), Dashlane, …[Continue]

Richard Naple. Source material Smithsonian Libraries. Copyright: CC-BY-3.0

How to Make an Animated GIF

Animated GIFs have been around for nearly 20 years, but have enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity because they can tell a story, or convey an emotion better than a static image, yet are shorter and more portable than full-fledged …[Continue]

Twitter Security

How to Improve your Twitter Security Settings

Although Twitter has made fewer privacy faux pas than Facebook, it’s still a good idea to periodically review your Twitter privacy and security settings, as things do change from time to time. Now that Twitter is serving ads, for example, …[Continue]