Tech Tips for Families and Classrooms

Healthy Habit Tracker

4 Apps to Track New Habits and Goals

I’ve written about to-do list apps before, but tracking habits is quite different from managing a to-do list. First, all habits are recurring: floss my teeth daily, go to the gym twice a week, or drink water three times a …[Continue]

Yahoo now offers on-demand passwords sent via SMS.

What is an On-Demand Password?

With password breaches rampant, Yahoo! has announced an option for doing away with traditional passwords for their Yahoo! Mail service. Users that opt in to On-Demand Passwords will be sent an SMS text message with a one-time password to use …[Continue]

Signing into Chrome

What Does it Mean to Sign Into Chrome?

Signing into Chrome with your Google account credentials is optional. But if you do, Chrome Sync saves your personalized browser features and allows you to access them from a Google Chrome browser on any computer. Exactly which of you settings …[Continue]

YouTube Kids

How to Make YouTube Safe for Kids

Google has (finally!) released two YouTube apps built especially for kids and their parents. Called YouTube Kids, the app is available as of today for both Android and iOS. Kids have been watching YouTube for years, but parents have perceptually …[Continue]

Snapchat 101

Snapchat 101: Snaps, Chats, and Stories

Snapchat use is exploding, especially among female millennials and teenage girls. The ephemeral nature of Snapchat communication is one of its biggest draws. Young people that have grown up with social networking are becoming more aware of the footprint left …[Continue]