Tech Tips for Families and Classrooms

Richard Naple. Source material Smithsonian Libraries. Copyright: CC-BY-3.0

How to Make an Animated GIF

Animated GIFs have been around for nearly 20 years, but have enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity because they can tell a story, or convey an emotion better than a static image, yet are shorter and more portable than full-fledged …[Continue]

Twitter Security

How to Improve your Twitter Security Settings

Although Twitter has made fewer privacy faux pas than Facebook, it’s still a good idea to periodically review your Twitter privacy and security settings, as things do change from time to time. Now that Twitter is serving ads, for example, …[Continue]

Studying Some Algebra

How to Calculate Your Grades

With homework, quizzes, tests, participation, reports, projects and final exams all weighted differently, calculating your grade for a high-school or college class can be an algebraic challenge. For example, suppose you got an 83 on the midterm, and 91 on …[Continue]

Return To Sender

How to Cancel an Amazon Purchase

Ever accidentally purchase something from Amazon? I have. In the wee hours on the day after Thanksgiving, my Amazon phone app sent me a notification that people who purchase CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil also like CLARK’S Cutting Board Finish. Unfortunately, …[Continue]

Free Photo Storage with Amazon Prime

Free Photo Storage with Amazon Prime

Amazon recently announced another benefit for Prime members: free unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive. With Amazon Cloud Drive apps for iOS and Android, and browser access for desktops, you can save and access your photos from nearly any …[Continue]

Playback Changes to a Google Doc

Playback Changes to a Google Doc

If you use Google Docs to create and modify documents in your browser, then this tip is for you! A new Chrome extension, called Draftback plays back your modifications (like a movie) so you can see changes as you made …[Continue]