Tech Tips for Families and Classrooms

YouTube Kids

How to Make YouTube Safe for Kids

Google has (finally!) released two YouTube apps built especially for kids and their parents. Called YouTube Kids, the app is available as of today for both Android and iOS. Kids have been watching YouTube for years, but parents have perceptually …[Continue]

Snapchat 101

Snapchat 101: Snaps, Chats, and Stories

Snapchat use is exploding, especially among female millennials and teenage girls. The ephemeral nature of Snapchat communication is one of its biggest draws. Young people that have grown up with social networking are becoming more aware of the footprint left …[Continue]


Is Wikipedia Objective?

Can a crowd edited resource like Wikipedia be as objective as a professionally edited resource such as the Encyclopedia Britannica? Two professors recently set out to do just that, and found that the answer is: it depends. Feng Zhu of …[Continue]

School Access to Students' Passwords

Should Students be Forced to Hand Over Passwords?

A new Illinois law created to enable school administrators to investigate cyberbullying went into effect on January 1, 2015. It allows school adminstrators to demand social media passwords from students suspected of online harassment. Soon after one school district sent …[Continue]

Households and Family Library

How to Setup Amazon Family Sharing

Amazon recently announced that immediate family members can now share digital content including Kindle books, Amazon apps, and audiobooks. A household can contain one or two adults, and up to four children. 1) To setup your family library, login to …[Continue]