How to Get Free Spyware Removal Software

If you are looking for free spyware removal software, help is only a few mouse clicks away. There are several free and reputable software programs designed to keep your computer spyware-free. To get these programs, you just need to go to the manufacturer’s site and click on the download button. However, before you do that, you should know a few things about using the free software.

One thing you might want to find out is if you are already protected. If you have purchased a commercial anti-virus program, you are probably protected from spyware, adware, Trojans, worms, and the whole gambit of malware. You may just think that you are paying for an anti-virus program but the price actually includes protection against so much more. On the other hand, if you have downloaded a free anti-virus program you are not protected. The free anti-virus programs that are available are watered down versions of commercially available programs. In watering down the programs, the spyware and adware protection gets watered right out.

Once you have established whether you need to download anti-spyware programs or not, you should try to learn a little about what spyware is, what removal is all about, and what programs are offered for free. One website that will help you answer these and other questions is the Free Country. From this site, you can learn about different security issues, and you will be able to link to free software and free scans. There are 8 different spyware removal programs offered from this website including the award winning Spybot Search and Destroy, considered to be one of the best free software downloads.

The free software is not of the same quality as the commercial software so you might have to double up on your protection. Reading through the description of the different kinds of removal programs, you will discover that the programs use different techniques to remove spyware. More importantly, some of the programs use real-time protection, which intercepts threats as they try to infect your computer. Other programs scan for spyware that has already infected your computer and then tries to remove it. If you are using free software, you should download a couple of different kinds of software so that you are well protected.

If you are computer savvy, you might consider programs like HighJack This! Highjack This! is a free program that might approach the effectiveness of the commercial programs. The catch is that HighJackThis! requires the user to make a decision about whether or not to remove questionable material. This is a great option for somebody who knows what should and should not be on his or her computer. However, most computer users know very little about the programs that run on their computers. If you are interested in checking out HighJackThis! you can read about the program and download the program from SpywareInfo.

There is a specific spyware program called CoolWebSearch. To remove CoolWebSearch, should you get infected with it, you will need a program called CoolWebShredder. This program can be found on the same website as HighJackThis!

No matter where you get your free spyware removal software, you should find out about updates. Spyware changes all of the time and so must the anti-spyware programs. When you go to a website to download a program, check to see if there is a FAQs section. This is typically where you will find out information about updates for the program. If you can’t find any information, and you don’t get update popup boxes on your computer, you might want to make the updates yourself by periodically downloading a new version of the program.

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