Where To Find Reliable Blocks And Filters

How do you set up blocks and filters to help reduce stranger danger online? Setting up blocks and filters is a great way to help protect your child from dangers on the Internet. Here are some simple steps to set these up, and other tips for protecting your child while they use the Internet.

Step #1

Find out what Internet blocker or filter you want to use. There are several options available. Here are a couple of those options and some links to check out.

a.Net NannyThis site provides you with simple installation and use of a content watching and blocking software that provides you the protection you need for your child’s internet use. The total price is 39.99. There is a free trial.

b.Cybersitter This is a well-known Internet blocker and filter. The price is $39.95. There are discount prices for educational groups. The download is easy. There is a free trial.

c.Cyberpatrol This software also blocks the harmful sites. The filter system works well. The price is $39.95. It is recently upgraded and you can use the free trial to check out the effectiveness.

d.Naomi This is free software that is for filtering Internet usage. This software works like the other software that protect children form inappropriate Internet use.

e.Total NetguardThis site provides several different forms of Internet protection. You can purchase this with your Internet service for a monthly fee. The monthly cost is $12.95 per month.

You can purchase these types of blocking and filtering software options online. There are also several options of these products available at your local stores in the electronics departments.

There are many things that can cause problems for your family. There is pornography, viruses, spam, spy ware and much more. Therefore you will wan to get a program that will protect your families from this.

After you have purchased or found the software you want to use, you will want to install it. Then you will need to set it up for the blocking options and permissions you want each member of your family to have.

Then it is time to talk about the Internet with your family. One out of five children that surf the Internet have been approached with unwanted sexual advances. This is a ridiculously high number. That is why as parents we need to do all we can to protect them. The best way to do this is to educate the children.

Even when these programs are installed, it is important to set up some standards and rules to help protect your children and teens. Because, even if you protect and watch what your child is doing, there are still times that you might miss something.

These rules should be taught from a very young age. This is because that no matter the age, there are dangers out there that can affect your children and family that even the little ones can unintentionally accept.

As soon as your child can get on the computer and start using the web or playing a game, there needs to be rules. The rules can be simple, but they need to be there.

What are acceptable sites?

Who can they talk to? (The little games on the Internet that allow for your child to interact with other people on the Internet allow for communication to start as soon as a child can read.)

What are they allowed to download?

Internet friends need to stay as that, only Internet friends.

The links your children go to should be icons on the desktop or listed in favorites. This way they will only go to those sites.

What ever you make your rules be for your family, communication is a must. Your children need to know what is out there, and what they should do if they have anything happen. These steps are how to set up blocks and filters to help reduce stranger danger online. However for the software to be as effective as it could be, good communication needs to go along with that.

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