Online Stranger Danger: How To Avoid It

Online stranger danger: here is how to avoid it. There are a several problems that can arise with children and teens accessing the Internet. The dangers that are online appear out of nowhere, and are masked with deception and lies. So how do you protect your family from online stranger danger? Here is how!

Start by being aware of what is out there. Learn as much as you can about the Internet. The more you know, the more you will be able to educate your teen or child about it. This will also help you to be aware of possible problems or predators.

Work together online with your teen or child. The more time you work together, the better chance you will have of seeing if there are any problems. This also helps you to be aware of what your teen or child would normally be working with. The reason this is important is that you will be able to see any changes. If you see any problems with sites your child or teen is viewing, you will also be able to set restrictions, and explain possible dangers.

Use the right tools for the Internet. There are parental controls, content blockers, monitoring software and much more. There are software options that protect information in emails, downloads, and even sites that are not among the norm. This way you can slow down some of the possible dangers that your teen or child may not be aware of.

Make sure the computer which the family uses is in an open area. This is very important because you may not be able to see what your child or teen is hiding from you. It takes a click of a button to simply remove any visual information or box. It takes less than a second.

Create user accounts. This way if a user has limited access for the computer or Internet, it is harder or impossible for them to be able to access certain sites, or download dangerous programs without the password for permission.

Explain the importance for your child or teen to only communicate with family and friends that you are aware of. This way there is not a chance for predator invasion.

Watch for changes in your teen or child’s behavior. The signs to watch for are like:

Late night Internet use
Long periods of Internet use
Receives strange packages or phone calls
Becomes withdrawn
Uses or tries to use an online account that belongs to someone else

Talk to your kids about what is happening. Make sure they are aware of the dangers that happen all the time on the Internet. Teach them to trust their gut feeling. If something seems weird or creepy it probably is. Make sure they know that it is ok to say no!

It is important to help your teen and child know that open communication is what is necessary for them to be able to use the computer and Internet. Because if they are not willing to talk to you about what is happening, there really is no way for you to protect them.

The Internet is a great way to learn, communicate, and have fun. However, if used wrong it is a tool for predators and pedophiles to intrude and harm your children. Explain to your child and teen these safety precautions to protect them. This is what online stranger danger is about and the ways that you can avoid it.

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    Remember: Note this to your friends, co worker, or even your parents. They sure will know it.

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    One more step: Never trust any giveaways that ask you for the phone numbers and your personal information.