Is Your Internet Security Enough?

Internet security involves many different things. There is software that you can buy, updates you can install, and choices that you can make while you are online that can increase your online security. But how do you know if your Internet security is enough? Even the most cautious people find themselves in situations where their personal information could be compromised. You may never really be able to say for certain that you are 100% secure, but there are many things that you can do to make your Internet security as airtight as possible.

Do you have Internet security programs?

The first thing that you need to do to make sure that your Internet security is at its best is to install some Internet security programs. The first of such programs should be a firewall. Firewalls are Internet security programs that act as filters to stop content that could corrupt your computer from gaining access to your system. A firewall protects your computer from some of the hidden dangers that hackers use to trick their way into gaining control of the operation of your system. Antivirus software is a companion security program to a firewall because the antivirus software is often able to protect your computer against the viruses that may have sneaked past the firewall. Sometimes, computer users inadvertently allow Internet material to be downloaded or viewed on their computer without knowing that the material has hidden viruses attached to it. Internet security also means making sure that you and your family are kept safe from stumbling upon materials that are offensive or objectionable. Filters are used as an Internet safety device that blocks out materials that you would rather not see. Such filters can easily be adjusted to match the sensitivity needs of each computer user.

Do you know what dangers to avoid that a program won’t always pick up?

Sometimes having the software programs is not enough. In addition to having firewalls, antivirus software, filters and making sure that updates are being made to these systems as soon as those updates are made available, you need to practice caution yourself. Software can only do so much, there is a lot to be said for good judgment and wise decision making. There can be many hidden dangers online and more specifically in your e-mail account. Many people compromise their Internet security by opening e-mail messages that are viruses in disguise. Hackers have many different tricks for getting you to open the door for such viruses to attack your computer. Any time you open a message that you do not recognize or consider downloading a program from a site that you are not sure about, think twice. Hackers are smart and often find holes in your firewall. There will be times when your intuition will be your only defense against those who will wish to compromise your Internet security. There will also be times when we feel like we know our hacker or predator, such as in the case of meeting and chatting with someone online. Sadly not all people in chatrooms can be trusted. Many chat room participants are untruthful about their identities and it is common practice among Internet predators to gain your trust through a chatroom before taking advantage of you.

Do you make sure that everyone who uses the computer does so securely?

You may understand the importance of Internet security, but is the rest of your family equally cautious? Children especially are not old enough to understand the dangers that the Internet has. In addition to educating your kids about Internet security, many parents also feel that it is necessary to have an activity report or some sort of monitoring system in place to ensure that the entire family is doing what they should to stay safe online.

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