A Simple Comparison of MySpace and Facebook

Look here to get a good comparison of Facebook and Myspace. The thing about both of these online community programs is that they can be used to get your information to family and friends. They are both good programs for meeting people. Though, when you compare the two, you see there are some real differences.

Here are a few comparisons about these two programs that should help you know what will meet your needs.

•Myspace is an online community that has several options open for sharing information, posting pictures, adding your own music and videos and much more. There is more of an entertainment-based interface being used.

•Facebook uses a cleaner more basic interface that has options for posting pictures, information, and stories in addition to other learning information. There is not a great deal of hype and the overall look is basic, not flashy.

•Myspace is targeted to many different age levels. Myspace has users that are from different ages and backgrounds.

•Facebook is targeted to the college age levels. In fact this was started specifically as a Harvard Student used tool.

•Myspace has been around for many years, and has a great deal of information, tools, and layouts that have been updated. They are in the full swing of the full function of this online community program.

•Facebook is relatively new to the public. The layout leaves a person able to find what they need without a great deal of information. However because this is a younger program, there will still be plenty of steps to go before it is complete.

•Myspace can look pretty much however you like. There are many layouts, generators and other graphics that are set up to work within the Myspace environment.

•Facebook has a basic look, and does not appear to be changing that at this time. However, you never know what the future holds.

•Myspace has places for slide shows and other picture options.

•Facebook has nice picture album setups.

•Myspace has places for blogs, information, etc.

•Facebook has places for blogs, information etc. However, there is also a running history of changes that have recently occurred. This is nice for friends and family to be able to see what changes have been made.

•Myspace leaves some open issues for unwanted eyes. However there are ways to block all but family members and friends from seeing the private information on your Myspace site.

•Facebook has some information available for viewing. However a request must be sent in all cases for new friends etc to be added to the friend list.

•Myspace has more information showing, if you do not make your settings private. The problem with this is that there are many people who do not make this setting and can be very surprised with the unwanted spam they will get.

As you compare these two options you will find that as with any other online community program, there are pros and cons to both. In comparing these you also can see that they are targeted to different people for different reasons.

For some of us, it is fun to have both of these choices available. Others are perfectly happy with one or the other. What ever you choose, it will be up to you to protect yourself where needed by using caution about your privacy. This is a simple comparison of Facebook and Myspace.

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