Differences Between MySpace and Facebook

How are Facebook and Myspace different? When you look at Facebook and Myspace you are looking at two very different types of online communities. The reason is that they are designed for different types of users. Here is some information that will help you to know how Facebook and Myspace are different and if one or the other will work for you. However, it may be that both of them work well for you.

The Look

Take a look at both Facebook and Myspace. This is going to be the first major difference you will see. Here is a link to both of these.



As you look at the sign-up pages they are relatively similar. Even signing up for these two is relatively similar. It is when you get into the actual design inside the program you see that it can be very different.

You will see all kinds of personalities in the designs of the different Myspace layouts. Where with Facebook the design is clean and clear with not as much information or style.


In addition to the design of the programs themselves, you will also find that the information that you put into each of these online communities is different. This is because you can put a great deal more information in the profile in Myspace. Where in the program for Facebook, you will not be putting in as much information. The option is yours for what you want to put in. However you are prompted for more in Myspace.


Privacy is somewhat different between Facebook and Myspace. The reason for this is that originally Facebook was a private community for Harvard students. Therefore, it was set up with a great deal more privacy. Alternately, Myspace was targeted to a much larger target group and therefore was more open to many visitors.

With Myspace, if you do now want people viewing your pictures and information etc, you will need to change that in your settings. With Facebook the viewers actually need to have your permission. Between Facebook and Myspace it is well known that Facebook is a much more secure community. However, Myspace also has security features that can be set to protect your privacy.


Myspace has been formed with entertainment and music in mind. With this you find that there are videos, music, pictures, etc that are on many of the Myspace pages.

With Facebook, the interface is based around information. The pages are clean and clear with information and technology.

This difference basically shows that one is for more professional uses and the other is for all age levels and groups.


Since Myspace has been around for a long period of time, almost all of the public has had a hand in the designs and advances. Therefore, you will see that Myspace is more popular and well designed.

However there are some nice things about Facebook that make it unique. The favorite of many is the history tracker that helps show visitors and the owner of the page what has happened new.

As you look at the differences in Myspace and Facebook you will see that each of them are unique, useful and great to have. In fact you might find that you will want to use both of these options for your online community uses.

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  • Laura

    So does that mean if I want to make a website I shouldn’t make too advanced, but if I don’t it won’t be different than Facebook.

  • Sue Griffith

    Why does Myspace offer a link for Facebook?