MySpace and Facebook Overview

Here is the difference between Facebook and Myspace. These are both really good programs for interaction with other people. Here are some of the things you can do with these Internet online community programs.

•You can show a picture of yourself, or some image that you will use to represent yourself.
•You can invite your friends and family to view your picture, check out what you have to say about yourself and others.
•You can write stories and post them.
•You can put in your personal information.
•If you are online your friends and family will be able to see you are there
•You can read about friends and family
•You can meet people

Now there are some very big differences between Facebook and Myspace. Here are some of those differences.


Myspace has some great benefits. The ability of being able to make your Myspace the way you want it is awesome. Even beginning computer and Internet users can get in and create a Myspace that matches their personality.

Myspace has a welcoming and easy to use interface. You can easily put all kinds of different things on your site for family and friends to view.

You can add video, music, and plenty of pictures to your Myspace page.

Sometimes if there is too much information, graphics, etc on a page, it can be slow at loading. There are even times that the pages will have errors or not open at all.

Myspace has been around long enough that there are many layouts, graphics and generators that you can use in order to get the most from the look of your page.

Myspace has several different ways that you can meet new people to date, have as friends etc.

This is based towards all different age groups.

You can create slide shows and much more to bring out your family and friends the new pictures of the kids and your life.


With Facebook the Interface is very uncluttered and clean.
It is a bit more difficult to change the Facebook other than moving the boxes in your Profile area. However, here is a link that explains what you can do to make it look your way.

In Facebook you can find several friends and people to date. Though it takes a little more work than just looking. You need to put information into the searches.

Facebook has places to put notes, stories and personal information.

There are limited areas for adding your own personality.

There are mini feeds and other links for feeds to different resources. These can be used for personal information or even business information.

You can create a photo album inside of the program that makes it easy for family and friends to check out new pictures.

Facebook is newer and has not yet reached its full potential.

There is a cool history of what has happened on your Facebook that is listed for friends and family to see if there are changes.

This was originally a restricted site for the students at Harvard University. However the program is now available for Internet users.

This is based more towards college-aged people.

All in all, both of these programs have features that will work to share information with family and friends. It will simply depend on what your interests are, and what you want to be able to do. Facebook is safer and smaller. Check out both of these options and choose which will work for you. These are the main differences between Facebook and Myspace.

Here are links for starting up one of each of these accounts.



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