Cyber Feud: MySpace Vs. Facebook

Which is better, Facebook or Myspace, and why? Wow, that is a question that has many debates occurring out there in the cyber world. The reason that there are so many debates is because there are reasons that one or the other is different and therefore better than the other one of these online communities for some people.

Here is what makes Facebook unique and better than Myspace for some people. Facebook is a cleaner and much more secure online community. This is because the information used in the site is limited, and can only be seen by approved family and friends.

Since Myspace is more open for all to see, it is not as safe as Facebook. In fact a person will have to have permission to see any of your information in Facebook. Where in Myspace unless you go in and change the settings in Myspace, everyone can see your family, personal information, etc. This can be somewhat scary.

When you start up your Facebook, you will easily be able to learn to work the interface. There are no major programming changes. You will simply put your information in. Upload a picture or so and then drag and drop the boxes where you want.

Facebook loads up quickly because of the simple interface. Where Myspace can take a great deal of time to load in some cases. Also, there are less errors with loading Facebook.

There are fewer people on Facebook at this time, although it is targeted to the college level students and people. Therefore there are plenty of those target market in the online community.

Facebook was originally specific to the students at Harvard University. However now that it has grown, it has been a runner up to Myspace for users’ satisfaction and enjoyment.

Facebook has a few awesome features that make it fun and easy to use. There is a history that your friends and family will be able to use to see if there are new pictures, information, stories etc.

There is also a photo album that works real nice for pictures etc. You can make a couple different photo albums also.

Here is what makes Myspace unique and better than Facebook for some people. Myspace was created with the thought of entertainment in mind. The key to Myspace is that there are users of many different ages on Myspace.

Myspace has a great community to make new friends, date, hang out and share interests in. It is cool because you can simply go to a search and see all the different people who are new, old and simply just like you.

Myspace has several benefits when it comes to the great user ability of the interface. You can make your Myspace be just about anything you want. There are Myspace layouts you can get, or design from the Internet. There are code generators for contact boxes, and other graphics for designs. In fact Myspace has been around long enough and is easy enough to work with, that young people are some of the best designers of the layouts out there.

Myspace has about three times the visitors of Facebook. This is partially due to the target market and the fact that Myspace has been public longer.

Myspace is great for design because you can add music, video, pictures and much more.

Myspace has three times as many users than any other online community out there. They also have users that visit the sites more often and for longer periods of time. The reason for this is because it is very fun, interesting and has a great deal of uses.

Myspace has great options for games, puzzles, etc that can be added and used.

This is what makes Facebook better for some people and Myspace better for other people. However if you are like me, you enjoy using both of these online community options, because then you can meet more people, and are able to share your interests with others.

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