A Look Through The YouTube

Here is a good look at YouTube. The thing about YouTube when you look at it, is that there are many different uses available. YouTube is an online program that is available to virtually everyone to upload and download videos to and from.

The video types are:

•Funny videos
•Learning programs
•Much more

YouTube has been around since 2005. The creators of YouTube were co-workers at the company Pay Pal. Their names are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. They worked together to bring about one of this day and age’s most popular online programs being run on a daily basis.

Even though there are some concerns with the openness of YouTube, which we will discuss, there are businesses, people, families, and even politicians that are taking advantage of the open door policy that YouTube has. There is a process for registering and making sure what is uploaded. However this is a very lenient process. This does bother some people. However, in that case it is widely said to protect young viewers and make sure that you know what you are watching.

Google has now joined with the great minds that created YouTube and purchased the program for a mere 1.65 billion dollars. So now when you are working through YouTube, you are also working with the experts of Google.

The main marketing that YouTube has had was mostly word of mouth. People came to love the idea that they could post their movies. This also was a great benefit to those that wanted to be entertained by watching videos of others online.

The biggest concern that has been brought up by the viewers of YouTube is the use of violence and animal harm that has been happening, not to mention the proliferation of pornographic material. There are animal advocates that are currently in communication about the fact that animals are being harmed in the videos on the site. Also, there are plenty of parents concerned about the increase of teen violence because of the openness of videos that are being run with real live beatings etc. Pornographic material is also widely available through YouTube videos, so parents must be on guard.

The biggest thing where this is concerned, is that it is important to monitor what young people are doing on the Internet at all times. There is violence and other inappropriate material out there. There is work being done with these concerns. Though, for the most part it is our responsibility to know what is being viewed.

With YouTube, you can choose to be a registered user or an unregistered user. An unregistered user will be able to download many videos. The registered users can upload videos. If the registered user is under the age of eighteen they can upload an unlimited amount of videos.

The user ability is easy for how YouTube is run. Check out their website to see what interests you can find, in addition to uses you may have with this source of open communication with many around the world.

Overall, YouTube is a good way to enjoy free entertainment, some news and even marketing that is available on the World Wide Web. However, as will anything else, there are precautions that will need to be made.

This is a closer look at YouTube. Now the time has come to take a closer look for you. Here is the site: YouTube

I think you will find several interesting subjects, videos and much more to intrigue your mind and entertain your soul. That is what entertainment is all about.

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