What Is YouTube?

What is YouTube? YouTube is an online service that allows multiple users to view videos of other people. They do this by uploading the videos of themselves, and downloading the videos of other people.

Unregistered viewers can see many videos. Registered videos can view and show videos. There are a few restrictions with YouTube like, if you are under the age of 18 you can upload as many videos if you are a registered user, as you would like.

Here is the history behind YouTube. Some previous employees of the well-known online payment company Pay Pal created YouTube in 2005. They started working together and came up with this program that allows for videos to be shared openly under certain circumstances.

The names of the creators of YouTube are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.
There was some design history and some programming history with these creators. The makeshift office inside of a garage was the beginning location of these creators’ hard work.

When the word got out, Google grabbed the chance to work with YouTube for $1.65 billion dollars. Wow, what a chunk of change! However, the popularity of YouTube has grown so much. There are music videos, instructional videos, short story videos and new original films on YouTube. There is so much entertainment that it is no wonder that there are so many viewers enjoying the use of YouTube.

Online word of mouth created a large amount of public recognition. This recognition was absolutely phenomenal. The growth of YouTube took many by surprise, especially the critics.

There is a variety of videos that are available with YouTube. The sad part is, that as with real movies, there is going to be violence and other influences that you would not want young people viewing. Therefore as with any other Internet or computer program, parental supervision is necessary.

There are also some problems with the violence that is coming across YouTube. This is in the fact that there are teens out there that are taking videos of beatings and other violent activities and then posting them. This is almost as bragging rights. The thing about this is that they are getting the idea of pretend and real mixed up.

There have also been issues with drugs and animal cruelty. This is something that has attracted the attention of many government agencies that was not what the designers had intended originally.

Overall it is not a surprise that these issues have come up with YouTube. This is because that there are all kinds of minds out there that are creative in their own ways. Do not let this deter you from checking out YouTube. You will be missing out on a good part of our culture.

YouTube has great videos of many good subjects. There is plenty of good entertainment that will keep you busy for hours if you let it. YouTube is also a great way to get your information out there.

YouTube is a great resource for many businesses also. There are political campaigners that are using this for a resource for contacting the public. There are businesses that are using YouTube to advertise their business, which is saving on marketing costs.

As stated above, there are some restrictions to what is shown on YouTube. However overall you will find that YouTube is relatively open for most things, and offers a great service to the public.

This is what YouTube is. Check out what they have to offer at YouTube . Take a little video of yourself and see what viewers you get.

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