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Here is YouTube explained. YouTube is one of the most used, most visited and most popular video sharing sites available on the World Wide Web. Google hosts this video sharing service at this time. However, it has not always been so.

Three co-workers who were previously from PayPal, the online payment center, got together in February 2005 and created their idea of a video-sharing program in their garage. The names of these creators are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.

After the release of this site in December, 2005, Google saw how the popularity of this site grew simply by word of mouth. Therefore they made an offer and purchased the site for 1.65 billion dollars.

The plan for YouTube was relatively simple once it got started. There would be a simple registration. Then there was uploading and downloading that could happen at a very low cost or free. This was a huge hit in the world of entertainment.

There was some installation of programs that had to happen. However, overall the entire process took just a few minutes. Then you were free to upload and download the videos that you thought were interesting. You can visit Adobe flash is what is needed in order to be able to upload and download videos for viewing.

You do not need to be registered in order to view the videos on YouTube. The registrations are primarily for uploading the movies for other viewers to see.

As time went by, there was an obvious possibility for professionals to use this system to market their work, service or product. Politicians have used YouTube to run their information for voters. Businesses use the service to get their advertising and training to the public. There are new music videos, learning videos, and much more that interest all of the viewers out there at no cost.

Ok, so this is a great idea right? As with anything we ever deal with, there are pros and cons. The main thing to consider is that there are very few videos that are limited. Therefore you may run into explicit or violent videos on the site. This is something that as adults we will need to monitor for our children and our teens.

YouTube can also be viewed from other places that are embedded with the link. These places are websites or blogs. You can use YouTube to create a bit more entertaining atmosphere to any site.

The search process for YouTube is simple. It can be done in many different ways. The hardest thing you will have to do, when you want to upload your own videos is, make your own video.

There are security agreements that need to be considered when you are downloading videos. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to stay within the viewing rules of YouTube. It is nice to be able to view the videos that are available.

So all in all this is YouTube explained. It will be up to you to decide where this type of online video site will fall in your plans of entertainment. The videos inside of the site of YouTube are very interesting and new. This is one of the most attractive features about the site. There is always something new to see.

Take some time to review what is available. Even upload a video or two of your own and see what viewers think of your work.

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