Safe Online Shopping and Credit Card Fraud Protection

Many strides are being made by government officials, credit card companies and business owners to eradicate credit card fraud and to make online shopping less of a fear. These entities are on your side when it comes to combating thieves and scammers. Just one example of what one credit card company has come up with to decrease the likelihood of credit card fraud is an Internet only credit card number that can only be used for Internet purchases. This online number is in no way connected with your other bank accounts. To date, this method of security has been impressive.


Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission is responsible for the additional credit card fraud security measures that have given a sense of security to many who would not otherwise consider shopping online. According to the FTC, if your credit card is used fraudulently, the very most that the card member who did not authorize those purchases is responsible for is $50 per card. Granted, $50 isn’t pocket change, it is far more comforting to know that as long as you are being truthful about fraudulent charges you won’t be responsible for thousands and thousands of dollars in purchases, not to mention the negative effects that such a debt would have on things like credit worthiness.

But as our methods of protection gain strength, so too do the tactics of those who are looking to take advantage of us. Online scammers, hackers, and thieves are among some of the most intelligent and resourceful individuals online. They make a living out of committing fraud so they are good at what they do. Intelligent people who are cautious and think twice before sending their financial information into cyberspace are the ones who challenge these scammers to improve their methods. However these savvy online shoppers are also the ones who are less likely to actually become victims of fraud. It is the naïve and the reckless shoppers that frequently become victims. Of course there are exceptions and it is not implied that it is your fault if you become a victim of fraud because you were not smart enough to avoid it. Certainly this is not the case. But it does stand to reason that arming yourself with knowledge and education concerning the tools that scammers use is going to provide you with your strongest defense.

One of the easiest things that you can do to stay safe and avoid the risks of credit card fraud is to shop with big name businesses. Big name businesses have a great deal of interest in the security of their online shoppers because their reputation depends on it. With big businesses also comes an added resource for increased security measures and more tightly guarded informational processes. Big businesses know that they save money when products are ordered online. In addition, when you shop with a big name you gain the support of the name if there were to be any issues with security.

If you want to deviate away from big name businesses do your homework. Before deciding to buy anything from or even give any identifying information to a smaller site look into the credibility of the company. The Better Business Bureau has online resources where you can research the company in question to see if there have been any customer complaints filed and if they have been properly addressed or if the company has taken any steps to receive a security certification. You can also research a company to see if they have a legitimate physical location by contacting them at the numbers that they have listed or searching for their alleged location. You will also want to stay abreast to any new tricks that scammers are using. An Internet search can reveal all kinds of fraudulent tactics that you can then take the necessary steps to thwart.

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