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Keeping our information and our loved ones safe while using the Internet is a very widespread concern for people. We rely on the Internet for so many things and it often dictates the way we live. We are concerned about our safety and want to make sure that our families have the best possible environment to work and live in possible. There are people out there who want to take advantage of us and get our information to do so. We need to protect ourselves from the intrusions of others and make sure that we stay safe online. Keeping their children safe while using the computer and the Internet is one of the most common concerns of parents and they will go to great lengths to ensure their safety. There are many options when it comes to child Internet safety software programs that will bring a little peace of mind. Here is what you need to know.

There is a tremendous range and variety of products and services designed to keep our children safe while they are using the Internet. Whether they are chatting with their best friends, doing research for homework, or just surfing the net, there are things that can be done to protect them from unwanted intrusions. Some of the most important and notable features of child Internet safety software are: time limit and program restrictions, site blocking, activity monitors, and chat and IM (instant messaging) controls and monitoring.

Time and program limits — Many parents are concerned with the amount of time that their children spend on the computer or playing video games. It seems that children have less and less free time and that they are always spending it online. This is a deep concern for many parents,however child safety software allows you to keep this in check. You can set a time limit for the amount of time each individual child is allowed to spend on the computer or online and when this time can be taken. You probably don’t want your children using the computer at three in the morning for obvious reasons, and they probably shouldn’t be using it while you are at work during the school day.

Site blocking — This may be the most important feature of a child Internet safety program to parents. There is so much information out on the Internet and much of it is enriching and creates great opportunities to learn and grow. But there is also a very large amount of images and material that we would never want to see ourselves much less our children. Pornographic websites are among the first to come to mind as ones that should automatically be blocked. But it may even be necessary to block sites that offer obscene images or crude comments. There are even hate and racial discrimination sites that can influence they way your children see the world and what is happening around them. One thing to keep in mind with these filters is that they may not catch everything and you can therefore tailor your site blocking to specific sites or can allow specific sites to individual users.

Activity monitors — Another important feature of any good program will be the ability to monitor your child’s activities while they are on the computer. You can’t watch them every second that they are on the computer and there are better ways to keep track of where they are going while online. You can’t revise or review expectations with your child if you have no idea what they are doing on the computer. This will help you to track how much of their time they are spending on specific sites or doing specific activities. The knowledge you get from the reports generated will allow you to tailor your program and your approach to meet your ever-changing needs.

Chat and IM controls — Chat and IM is also very popular with children these days. It is a great way for them to stay in touch with their friends and have a good time. This allows you to make sure that they aren’t talking to people they don’t know online who may want to take advantage of them. You can also make sure that they aren’t giving out personal identification information such as names and addresses, etc.

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