What Games Can You Play on Club Penguin?

Here is a list of the current games that are being offered for you to play on Club Penguin.

Single player minigames:

Astro Barrier — This is an arcade game where you have to be the ship and shoot all passing targets. You can find this fun filled game in the Dance Lounge.

Hydro Hopper — Here you have to ski behind a boat, avoid or jump over all obstacles in the water to score points. You start your adventure at the Dock.

Bean Counters – This high impact game that involves unloading a truck of coffee beans without carrying too many beans or catching anything else but coffee beans can actually be found at the Coffee Shop.

Cart Surfer — In this game you have to perform tricks inside a mine cart without crashing through various turns and obstacles. And since the only place you are going to find a mine cart is inside a mine this game is located inside the Mine.

Catchin’ Waves — This game has different modes. But in Survival Mode you have to avoid obstacles while performing tricks on a surfboard in front of the judges. And in freestyle Mode you can just practice either with or without a red puffle. This game is located in the Cove.

Ice Fishing — This is a fishing game where you must catch as many fish as you can but you also have to avoid the obstacles in the water which can cut your line. This game will be found in the Ski lodge.

Jet Pack Adventure — You have to use a jet pack to fly through the air. But the goal of this game is to fly through the air without running out of fuel or hitting any obstacles. The start of this game will be found at the Lighthouse Beacon.

Puffle Round-up — You must use your mouse to round up all of the puffles on the screen into a pen. And since you are going to find numerous puffles in the Pet Shop that is where this game is located.

Pizzatron 3000 — You have to make pizzas with specified varying sets of toppings. You can choose either regular or dessert style toppings for a mode. And it makes sense that this game is offered at the Pizza Parlor.

Thin Ice — This is an arcade game where you have to guide a black puffle to safety through the ice. You can find it available for play in the Dance Lounge.

Multiplayer minigames:

Find Four — This is Club Penguin’s version of Connect Four. The concept of the game is the same as Connect Four, you have to put down pieces to try and get four pieces in a row. You can find this game in the Ski Lodge and in the Ski Attic.

Mancala — Basically this game is played the same way Mancala is played in the real world. But this time you and one other player are in a Mancala competition. You can find this competition in the Book Room.

Sled Racing — Two Penguins must race on sleds down a hill full of obstacles, they must be able to avoid the obstacles. There are currentky four hills available for you to race down. Those four hills are Bunny Hill, Express, Penguin Run and Ridge Run. You can find all of these race courses on Ski Mountain.

Ice Hockey — The player must hit a puck by walking over it, the puck must be hit into one of the two goals. You can find the Ice Hockey game at the Ice Rink.

Snowball Fights — The player must throw snowballs at one of the two Snow Forts, basically you have to throw snowballs at the other team. This game can be found at the Snow Forts. But something to keep in mind is that you can throw snowballs anywhere throughout the game.

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