What is Club Penguin Shopping?

For those of you who are new to this Club Penguin thing, before we go on to discuss what Club Penguin shopping is we need to take a few minutes to talk about what Club Penguin is. Club Penguin is a virtual world that is available to kids: it is actually available to people of all ages, but it is designed for children between the ages of six to fourteen. Club Penguin uses cartoon Penguins as the avatars, which is what players use to represent themselves in the virtual world. Through the use of Penguins the players can explore the town talk to other people, make new friends, play minigames, participate in special events that take place around the snow covered world, and they can always go shopping.

But something that you need to know is that before a player can start shopping for certain items they are going to need to have a paid membership. Basically what this means is that the free membership is going to allow you to buy some things but your choices are going to be very limited. In fact when it comes to a free account you can buy two puffles but you only get the choice of having a red or blue puffle. And they can buy player-card backgrounds and they can buy colors but that is pretty much it. But if you are a paying member you can buy furniture and clothing for your Penguin and igloo, as well as having access to all of the puffles and many other member-only benefits.

Here is a list of some of the items that you can buy with the coins you earn from playing games.

•Flooring — this is something that only members can purachse. And currently you can purachse eight different styles of floors.

•Igloo upgrades — This is something that only members can use, but an igloo upgrade can be anywhere from 1000 to 5100 coins depending on the style that you have chosen. There are many different style upgrades to choose from.

•Clothes — this is something that only members can purchase, but non-members can get clothes that are given out for free at parties and on pirate ships.

•Furniture — again something that only members can purchase. But the furniture is used to design and decorate your igloo.

•Flags — these appear at the top left hand corner of a player’s look up card and they are only available for members to purchase. They can also be displayed one at a time, meaning you can not have two flags on your look up card.

•Puffles — all players can purchase a puffle as a pet. But if you are a non-member you can only purchase a red or blue puffle and you are limited to two puffles. But if you are a member you can purchase up to twelve puffles and you can choose any color puffle you want.

•Pins — these are available to all players and are actually similar to flags. They display at the top left hand corner of a player’s look up card and specialty pins are available throughout the year.

•Backgrounds — these are available to everybody to purchase. They are available all the time and two to four new ones are introduced each month. This is what other players will see when they click on your Penguin.

•Colors — this is the color of what your Penguin will be you can buy as many colors as you want as use them as often as you want. New colors are usually introduced at members’ only parties. The current colors that are available are: Lime Green, Light Green, dark Green, Orange, Peach, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Brown, Black, Pink, Yellow, and Purple.

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