What is the Club Penguin Parents’ Guide?

As you might already be aware of, Club Penguin is a virtual world that has been created for children between the ages of six and fourteen, although pretty much anybody can join Club Penguin. But this world is designed with children in mind, and it gives them a fun and safe environment to meet new people and interact with them, while at the same time, play games and complete missions. Unlike adult virtual worlds, Club Penguin does not allow people the freedom of doing anything that they wish. In fact there are some very strict guidelines and rules in effect for Club Penguin.

But as a parent, you have probably already heard all of that stuff before and you might wonder why should I actually believe what this website is telling me? The answer to this is the Club Penguin’s parents’ guide. This is basically a page that is dedicated to the parents of children who wish to play Club Penguin. This guide will answer any and all questions that parents have about Club Penguin. It will allow the parents to participate in a tour of Club Penguin, so they can see what their children will be doing. But not only does it do all of that but it also provides tips to parents about how to keep their kids safe on the Internet, as well as numerous other resources that parents will find very useful.

Here are some of the things that are covered in the Club Penguin’s parents’ guide.

Number one:

Like most virtual worlds chatting is a huge aspect of the game because you are going to need to communicate with other players. But unlike other virtual worlds the chat options in this game are different then regular virtual worlds because this game is designed for kids from six to fourteen. The two methods of chat are Ultimate-Safe Chat mode, which allows players to select what they want to say from a predefined list of phrases. The second method of chat is the Standard-Safe Chat mode which allows players to enter in custom messages, but these messages are always censored for any vulgar language.

Number two:

This section also covers how the information that children enter is actually protected. This section covers how they discourage children from displaying personal information and how they actually have safety measures in place to stop children from displaying personal information. And they even talk about the fact that the only personal information they will collect from most children is a parent’s valid email address just so an account can become activated.

Number three:

Something else that you need to be aware of is that Club Penguin is completely moderated. What this means is that there are numerous people who watch what is going on at all times to ensure that no profanity is used nor any kind of harassment or abuse towards any player. And if you abuse the rules of the game then you are most likely going to end up with a ban. In fact most of the time if you use any type of profanity you are going to get automatically banned for at least 24 hours. And if the behavior continues you can end up with a longer ban. Keep in mind that if you get between 3 to 5 bans, depending on what the bans were for, you can get a permanent ban.

Just keep in mind that these are only a few of the issues that are discussed in the parent’s guide for Club Penguin. You can also gain access to links for the latest news about Club Penguin, basically what other people are saying about Club Penguin.

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