Best Programs for Wireless Security

Wireless security is not something that you want to dismiss as unimportant. There are many real dangers that are unique to those with wireless network connections, and it is vital that those threats to security be addressed. This is precisely why various companies have come out with programs that are designed to help the wireless user to enhance their security.

One of the most popular programs for wireless security is provided by Norton (one of the leaders in computer safety programs). The program that they provide to help with wireless security is called Norton Internet Security 2008 and is an Editor’s Choice for the following reasons:

•The firewall protection provided is extremely strong and includes intrusion protection.

•It was able to scan for and clean up viruses and spyware more thoroughly than most other programs that were tested.

•A feature called “Identity Safe” works well at managing personal information including passwords.

•There is a built-in help system provided with the program that includes live chat help.

Another pick for one of the best programs available for wireless security is also provided by a well known security company by the name of McAfee. The McAfee Wireless Security system users are able to easily connect wirelessly in a wider range of security modes. They call this free functionality feature the McAfee Wireless Security Wireless Network Connection screen. Through it your security modes include WPA-PSK, WEP or Clear. These security modes include various encryption strength levels that are outlined below:

•Clear and WEP connections are dangerous in the sense that you are not protecting your information at the highest level possible. However, either of these two security modes are better than not having any security modes at all. These encryption methods can be easily cracked by experienced hackers.

•WPA-PSK connections are more sophisticated but some believe that the pass-phrases that are used are too readable and therefore easy to crack with some investigative work. Changing this pass-phrase regularly provided more protection but can be cumbersome.
What the McAfee Wireless security system helps its users to do is obtain a WPA-PSK connection combined with a RADIUS infrastructure. What this means is that you are provided with strong encryption and authentication in the most hassle free way possible.

Norton and McAfee may be at the forefront of security programs but that is not to say that these two companies are the only credible companies that offer useful programs for wireless security. There are definitely drawbacks to the both Norton and McAfee products including the fact that these programs may not be compatible with your computer and the programs thereon. Perhaps you are unable to spend the kind of money that purchasing from these big names requires. There are plenty of reasons why you should shop around and do your homework to find the “best program” for you.

The above mentioned programs and other credible programs available for wireless security are not absolutely necessary to purchase if it is not within your budget to do so. There are plenty of setting adjustments and safe practices that will enhance your security without the help of a security program that you purchase. It is always wise to have at least a basic understanding of the programs and features that you have on your computer so that you can tell if there is some sort of compromise to your security or if you need to take more precautionary steps to ensure that your private information remains for your eyes only. Also keep in mind that any good security system and set practices are going to be able to be up-dated or changed as methods for hacking change. So it is also important to remain aware of any modifications that can be made on a regular basis.

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