How to Meet People in SecondLife

One reason that people join second life is for the social aspect of this game. Basically this is a great way to meet new people; you can find people from various countries playing this game. And along with meeting new people comes another major aspect of this game which is communicating with other avatars. There are numerous people that you can meet throughout the game and most people are very eager to meet you. In fact because communication is an important aspect in the virtual world there are various ways that you can communicate with other avatars.

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Step one:

The first thing that you are going to need to do is to create a Second Life account. You can create a basic free account or you can sign up for the premium account, either type of account can be used to meet new people.

Step two:

Once you have created an account you are going to need to log into Second Life and enter the Second Life virtual world.

Step three:

Once you have entered into the Second Life world you are going to need to go to some kind of location. You can choose to get there by walking, flying, a vehicle or by teleporting whichever is easiest for you.

Step four:

Once you have reached a location you will see other avatars around you going about their business. Each avatar’s screen name will appear over their heads so you will know their names before talking with them. All you have to do is pick out somebody who you think looks like fun to talk with.

Step five:

In order to begin talking with the avatar that you have picked out all you have to do is click the chat button to begin the conversation. You can simply address the person by name to start the conversation or you can ask a question that you need advice on or make a comment about the avatar.

Step six:

You can also attend numerous events, such as classes or parties. This will allow you to meet all sorts of new and interesting people. To find out about events you can ask other members or you can look at the events list on the drop down menu.

Step seven:

You are also going to want to program your avatar to respond with friendly facial expressions and gestures. This will be good for when you are trying to make new friends; we all know body language is important in what we are saying.

Step eight:

But the best thing that you can do is to be yourself and just go about your business in Second Life. You will meet new and exciting people pretty much everywhere you go.

Other tips/resources:

•One thing that you want to do before you begin talking to people in Second Life is to make sure that you review the guidelines and tips that the Second Life website provides you with. You are going to want to make sure you follow the Community Standards whenever you log into the Second Life virtual world. You can find tips and advice on how to meet new people at Second Life.
•Something else to keep in mind is that when you are approaching people in the virtual world you are going to want to approach them the same way you would approach people in the real world. You are going to want to be polite and sincere.

•You also need to be aware of the fact that there are strict rules about harassment, disrupting other avatars’ activities and making a nuisance of yourself. So before you begin you will want to make sure you read over the Community Standards and Privacy Policy because both are strictly enforced.

•You should also be aware of the fact that you can put people on a special list; this enables you to stay in contact with certain people. But in order to be put on a list you have to accept the offer, which is offered to you through a dialogue box during your chat with other avatars.

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    Interesting article. I love SL! Fyi, it isn’t a game. It is a virtual world.