How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook privacy settings are one of the first things that you need to be sure to adjust right when you set up your account. While on their default settings the privacy options that you have through Facebook are practically non-existent. You must make changes to your settings and make sure that you eliminate the possibility of having your privacy invaded by those who you do not trust. Of course it makes sense that you should adjust these security settings but maybe the reason why so many people do not change these settings is because they do not know how. Hopefully after reading this how to guide to Facebook privacy settings you will have the information that you need to make those changes that will enhance your level of security.

The “Privacy” page is something that you need to become familiar with. The “Privacy” page on your Facebook account is going to be one of the most important features to know about. The privacy page has sections on it that allow you to adjust the privacy options applicable to Photos, News Feed and Mini-Feed, Friends and Notes, and the Facebook Platform. When on the privacy page you can control who is allowed to see your profile. The most secure option as it pertains to who is allowed to view your profile is to make your profile visible to “only my friends.”

By clicking on “Search” on the privacy page you can also control who can find you when they do searches on Facebook and that if they do find you, this setting allows you to choose how much of your profile they are able to see.

Clicking on “Profile” on the privacy page takes you to a screen where you can control who sees your contact information. It is important not only for your safety but for the safety of those whose information your account may have listed, to be sure that you go to the “profile” section and scroll down to the option that reads ” Contact Information.” Use the drop down menus to control who can see names, phone numbers, and addresses.

By selecting the option on the privacy page that says “Limited Profile” you can adjust who is allowed to see certain parts of your profile. This means that your profile will be limited (not all information disclosed) to certain people. You will also need to go into the privacy page to search for the people that you will need to mark as those who will only have “Limited Profile Access.”

As with most websites, chatrooms and sites with profiles, there is only so much security that is offered by the site itself. Facebook does have security settings that can be adjusted to make for an improved level of security. But to really boost your privacy and to use the privacy options that Facebook has provided to the best of your capacity, you must also take privacy matters into your own hands. This means making sure that your computer is protected by downloading firewall and anti-virus protection and to be sure that you are updating these security features regularly. You will also need to use good judgment when it comes to what you post on your profile and the type of information that you share with others via email or instant message. Remember that the disclosure of personal information opens you up to being a potential victim of anything from identity theft to something far worse such as physical harm. Facebook privacy settings can only do so much to keep your information private, you must do your part as well.

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