• Myself

    I got an email at 7. It really depends on the child, And I made my email not even my name. Some children, even if they are goo, you know thy wouldn’t do well with an email. But now it is hard for children if they don’t just have an IPhone, and at schools and real life you need to have the ability to do good on electronic devices. Even the tests this year are on the computer, and so are all the resources. I think when they are still very young, have them ask to go on the computer and get on sites such as ABCya and Nick Jr. Have them figure out how to do it themselves, so when they get older they can work well on the internet. Also, if you get a tablet or kindle or Ipad or similar, don’t get those singing, weird lock things. Only get games the children would be aloud on, and if you have children of different ages, call such games example’s games or exampletwo’s games. They need to learn how to do it themselves. Show them powerpoint, microsoft word, and other things that aren’t games but can b really fun. Maybe windows movie maker, really anything creative.