Safety Concerns Associated With Internet Addictions

With the growth of the Internet and Internet related addictions you may know someone who has an Internet addiction or you may think that you have an Internet addiction yourself. There are safety concerns that can be associated with Internet addictions. The safety concerns are mainly for keeping people from having an Internet addiction or to help when an addiction is harming that person. These would include such things as keeping personal information private, time restraints, and careful monitoring. They would also include safety concerns for someone who may already be addicted to the Internet.

To keep you or loved ones safe on the Internet you need to have some rules in place to make sure that the Internet stays safe. Make sure that you and any one else who uses the Internet knows to keep all private information including full names and addresses private. You can pretend to be anyone you want on the Internet and so can someone else. Telling your private information is a safety concern because you don’t really know who the person on the other end of the Internet is. Keeping the information safe insures that the Internet users and their family stay safe from predators.

Another safety concern you may have about Internet addictions would include time that is spent on the computer. Most researchers agree that anything more then three hours a day on the computer is becoming excessive. For some people the more time they spend on the Internet makes them want to spend even more time, thus creating a cycle of addiction. This is where time limits can become a safety net. Set time limits for you and all other Internet users in your home. This should be something that will work for everyone and still keep it under three hours a day.

Monitor your children while they are on the Internet. This can be done at the same time or you can use monitoring software that will let you know what Internet sites your children are on and what they are doing on those Internet sites. This is also good for people who are trying to overcome an Internet addiction. The more you monitor your children on the Internet the less likely they are to have an addiction. Pay attention to sites that you visit also; there are many Internet sites out there that require daily log in to track your use. This not only becomes a safety concern but also a potential addiction.

There are also safety concerns for someone who may already have an Internet addiction or some other addiction. If you or someone you know already has a gambling addiction or a shopping addiction then there could be some safety concerns associated with their Internet use. The Internet user will then be able to engage in their addiction while on-line. This can harm a family financially, and if the gambling or shopping debts are too high can also harm the family’s safety. There are endless possibilities for gambling and shopping on the Internet and you can do it all day everyday.

The health of the Internet user can also be thought of as a safety concern. People who are truly addicted to the Internet forget to eat or sleep and even can forget to bathe. Their health can deteriorate quickly because of their habits. This creates safety concerns for both their loved ones and even co-workers. It is not safe to drive or work with certain machines while tired. Being sick because of poor eating or hygiene habits can also be unsafe to those around the Internet addict.

There can be many safety concerns associated with Internet addictions. These can be anything that you think may pose a danger to you or your family. These can be safety concerns associated with the Internet itself to help keep everyone safe. No matter what, the Internet should be used with care, in moderation, and as a tool for information as it was intended.

This article is not intended to replace the guidance of a trained professional. If you suspect addiction, consult your healthcare provider.

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