Functional Spaces For The Family Computer

There are many functional spaces for the family computer. With a little planning and creativity, you can make just about any area in your home a great space for your family computer. Here are a few things to consider when making your computer area both functional and appealing:

Try a computer armoire
This is an easy way to integrate your computer area with just about any room in your home, especially if you get it to match the surrounding furniture colors. The nice thing about the computer armoire is that it streamlines everything — there are compartments for everything: the monitor, keyboard, hard drive, printer, and speakers (you can find armoires with more or less storage space, depending on your needs). They also have places to store paper and manuals.

On top of being a great place to store your computer, it gives the area a neat and orderly appearance. Or, if your armoire isn’t too organized and guests stop by unexpectedly, you can always shut the doors on any mess that is inside. In addition, the armoire doors are a great way to protect your computer from any damages kids may cause by playing around it.

Use closets and other existing fixtures for storage
Computer armoires don’t work for everyone due to their size or price. By using the existing fixtures and closets for storage, you can put your computer in a variety of places in your home. You can use closets to store the computer hard drive, the printer, and any other hardware inside the closet; use any nearby shelves to house computer manuals, paper, and office supplies. You could also use cabinets and closets to hide outlets and power strips. The key is to make your office space as unobtrusive as possible and by keeping the majority of the hardware in a neat, organized (and closed-off space) you can maintain a clean, clutter-free appearance.

Make it serve more than one purpose
When creating a functional space for your computer, consider ways to make your area serve double-duty. For example, it can be a centerpiece to showcase your family. To do this, put the computer in a living or family room, on a nice desk, with framed pictures, photo storage, and albums. You can also use the computer to show movies and make creative projects. Another double-duty option is to use a computer area as a place for organizing mail, phone messages, calendars, and bills. By having these things by the computer, you will be better able to record them, without having piles around the house. Figuring out ways to make an area multi-functional is a great way to stay organized or to make your home life more enjoyable.

Keep an open mind
Often, some of the best places for your computer area are unexpected. You can find a functional space in just about any room if you have an open mind and are willing to try new ideas. For example, a kitchen nook can be changed into a office space. To do this in any room, be sure to make the desk and other furniture fits in by matching colors, either of the appliances, fixtures, or of other decorative elements.

You can also fit an office space into any room by making the desk an inconspicuous as possible. Using glass or any other clear surface for a desk (this may or may not work, depending on the age of any children in the home) can help make the computer area inconspicuous. Add decorative elements from the room to make it blend in. Consider using a laptop or thin LCD instead of a bulky traditional monitor. This approach to incorporating a computer area in any area, as long as it blends in, is practical because it lets you put the computer wherever it meets the needs of your family best.

Functionality is an important thing to consider when deciding where to put your computer. By implementing practical and creative ways to make the most of your space, your computer will best meet your family’s needs.

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