Protect Your Computer From the Inside Out

Your computer is most likely one of your most important assets. In the technical world we live in, our most important information as well as photos and other files, are kept on our computers.

However, computers are susceptible to a number of things that can harm your files and important information. From damage to the components to hackers stealing your information, it’s vital that you protect your computer from the many things that could go wrong.

The following are ways to protect your computer from the inside out:

Protecting from physical damage

•Keep your computer in a safe area. This means in a case when not being used if you have a laptop or in an area away from a lot of traffic, pets, and kids, who can bump into it, spill things on it, or chew on cords.
•Don’t eat or drink around your computer. While this may be tempting, particularly if you spend a lot of time on your computer, spilled beverages can severely damage both the inside and outside of your computer.
•Get a warranty. An extended warranty on your computer will often cover the costs associated with physical damage to your computer that may occur if you drop it or spill something on it. Even though extended warranties can be expensive, they are still a good idea, as it can be very costly to replace parts.
•Use a surge protector. Surges in electricity can fry your computer’s inner workings, so be sure to get a quality surge protector and plug your computer and monitor into it.

Protecting from the inside

In addition to keeping your computer safe on the outside, you should also be aware of the threats that come in the form of hacking into your files and things you type into the Internet.

•Install a firewall. If you spend a lot of time on the Web or if you have an internet connection that is always on (which you most likely do, unless you use dial-up internet), a firewall is the best way to keep hackers from stealing information you enter into certain sites, like bank account and credit card information. Firewall software costs about $40-$50 a year and should be updated frequently.
•Use anti-virus and keep it updated. New computer viruses come out every day, and one can deplete your files and erase your hard drive in no time. An anti-virus software will help protect your computer from viruses and outside threats. Make sure you run the virus sweep on it at least once a week, and update it as often as well. Without the updates, you are defenseless against new viruses.
•Only enter information into secure websites. Not all websites are safe for entering information into. Make sure the website in the address bar says https instead of http; the “s” indicates a secure site. Also, make sure encryption is enabled. You can tell if it is or not by the image of a closed padlock in the corner of your computer. When in doubt, skip it.

Protecting your computer from the inside out is actually pretty simple. Keeping it in a safe area and avoiding using it around things that could damage it, like liquids, and installing firewalls and anti virus software, you can protect your computer and all the information it contains.

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