Address Online Safety With Disposable Email Addresses

If you are not worried about online safety, then you should be. Online safety is one of the most serious issues facing you, me, and everyone else today. Online safety is not really, well, very safe: a whole lot of people feel like the Internet is completely anonymous, because you don’t see anyone else who is using the Internet, but the Internet is the exact opposite of anonymous. It is incredibly easy to trace your user information from any sort of website, such as a social networking site or a chat room, and then find out your real name and absolutely everything about you, including your financial information and your social security number. If you send anyone an email, it is incredibly easy to then buy all of the information of the owner of any email address. In other words: if you are online or even have an Internet connection connected to your computer, then your safety, your security, and your privacy are compromised. However, you don’t need to unplug your computer and never go online again. You can address all of your online safety concerns. Also, a disposable email address will help you address a number of those online safety concerns so that you can feel much more secure in your online interactions and online transactions.

Here are a number of different online safety concerns that are addressed by disposable email addresses.

Online safety concerns addressed by disposable email addresses

1. The vulnerability of your personal identification, including your name. A disposable email address protects your name by not being associated with your name and your real email address in any kind of way.

2. The vulnerability of all of your personal information. Whenever you sign up for a chat room, a social networking site, a bulletin board, or any other kind of site that is like this, you sign up with an email address. This email address is easily traceable to you, and once even just your name is known, or even your first name and the state or the city that you live in, all of your personal information can be found and can probably be bought online for less than one hundred dollars.

However, if you use disposable email addresses, then the email address is absolutely separated from you and all of your personal information. There is no way that the disposable email address can be connected to you, because it is not associated with the disposable email address.

3. Online shopping is one of the biggest ways that your online safety can be compromised. When you pay for something online, then your information can be connected to your email address, even if it is encrypted, and especially if you use a wireless connection, even if it is a secure wireless connection. However, you can set up a disposable email address that you then use for the sites that you shop at online. You also set up a disposable email address for each of the sites that you shop at—a different disposable email address for each site—and the sites can’t then trace things back to you.

4. Spamming and phishing are two of the biggest problems that people have with using email. It is really easy for spammers and phishers to get a hold of your email address because they simply buy your address from sites to whom you have given your email address. All that you have to do is set up a disposable email address, and any spam that you might receive will go straight to the disposable email address rather than your real email address. Then you can also see which companies are using your email addresses in a compromising way and are abusing your trust and the terms of use of their web site.

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