How to Go About P2P File Sharing

How to go about P2P file sharing can be confusing. There is a lot of different information out there about what P2P really is and how file sharing is actually used. You may have already used a P2P file share program and not known that you had. The most widely used files that are shared on a P2P network is music. There are other files to share on a P2P network like games and software but music and movies take the top spot.

P2P file sharing or Peer-to-Peer is a program that helps you to share files with other people throughout the world. P2P is a network where each computer on the network has the ability to be both the client by getting files and the server by giving files. P2P allows any computer running with the specific P2P software to access other computers on the same network. P2P will let anyone on this network share those files with each other and many others that are on that network. How to go about P2P file sharing then can be fairly easy.

To begin using a P2P file sharing service you will want to find a reputable web site that deals in P2P file sharing. Finding a reputable website can help you avoid any problems that are associated with P2P file sharing. Look for a P2P file sharing site that is more specific to the types of files that you are looking for like music, movies or games. There are also many sites that deal with all types of files. It really doesn’t matter what type of network you use as long as it is a reputable one and has the files you are looking for or wanting to share. Do searches on your computer for P2P file sharing sites. You will end up with many available choices. Find the one that fits your needs and then download the software that site runs on.

You may want to install firewalls on your computer before using the P2P file sharing network that you have downloaded. This will protect your computer and even you from the negative side of P2P file sharing. The firewalls will protect your personal files from someone you don’t know looking at them and even copying them. Even though your P2P file sharing site is reputable you still run the risk of files being copied and shared that you never had the intention of sharing.

If you do not already have virus protection software installed on your computer it is best to get one now before you begin using the P2P file sharing site. Virus protection software will be able to detect many viruses that can become attached to the file you downloaded. Viruses can ruin a computer so the virus protection should be a must when using P2P file sharing networks.

Once you have the P2P networks software on your computer along with specific firewalls and virus protection you can become more specific on the file you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for a certain song you can now put that into the search engine on the P2P file sharing network. When you find your specific file you wanted you can then download it onto your computer. There may be a lot of the same file so use your judgment for which file best suits your needs. Store these files into a folder for your use at a later time.

If you are sharing your files make sure the copyright is not broken and you are able to share the files. You can then download any of the files onto the P2P network to share with others that may be looking for the same type of file.

How to go about P2P file sharing doesn’t have to be hard. Most sites will have directions on how to use the software they provide. Remember to pay attention to copyright laws and to install both firewalls and virus protection onto your computer.

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