What Else Can I Use Twitter for Besides Social Networking?

Socializing is one of the most enjoyable things we do. Spending time with the people we enjoy is so important to our lives. We need to spend quality time socializing because it is a very important part of life. We socialize in various ways. We play games, have conversations, watch movies together, and communicate through the Internet. In fact, in our highly technological world, communicating through the Internet has become an important method for sharing information. With the simple click of a button we can reach hundreds and even thousands of people. We can post pictures, write letters, and buy products. The entire way we think about communication and the economy has changed with the invention of the world wide web.

Of the various websites and programs used to help people socialize, you might have heard of a great new program called Twitter. Twitter is quite similar to other social networking sites, such as Facebook or Myspace, except that it allows you to share information in different ways. Each Twitter user has a profile page that they can send information from—short one hundred and forty word blog messages called ‘tweets’—to friends and family. The great thing is that these short messages can be sent and received through various means. You can send messages to your friends from a Twitter site that reach them as a text message on their phones or that appear as an instant message. You can also send tweets to friends and family from your phone or through email. This is a great method because it allows you to send messages quickly to many people using lots of devices. Although the tweets are fairly short, they can still communicate vital information. If you are thinking what many people are, you might wonder if Twitter might not be used for business purposes, or for other types of communication.

If you thought this way you are absolutely correct. Think of going to a tradeshow or conference and finding a great new product that you would like to sell. You might want to let everyone at your business know about this product. How could you contact them? You could call them one by one, or you could send a text and have tweets sent to all of them at once. Basically any business information that you might need to get out quickly and to many people could be sent through Twitter.

Just to give you another example, earlier this year Twitter was actually used to save a life. A journalism graduate student from the United States was arrested in Egypt because he was taking some pictures at a political event. The student wisely sent messages to all of his Twitter friends with his cell phone, telling them that he was in trouble. Quickly thereafter his school contacted the US embassy and was able to get him out of prison. Had he not been able to use Twitter it is not clear what would have happened to this student.

Although this is a rather dramatic example of the uses of Twitter, there are several other important ones that you might think of. In an emergency Twitter could allow you to keep people apprised of what is going on each and every minute. This could be very good for the wellbeing of the people who care about you in the time of an emergency, as well as for rescuers who might be trying to get to you. The sky is the limit with Twitter!

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