Adware and Your Computer: Why You should Remove It and How To Rid Your Computer of It

If you use the internet you know that adware and spyware are two of the most common problems plaguing the internet world today. Many computer users find their computer systems infected with spyware and adware, some of which may have done extensive damage by the time the user realizes their machine is infected. Adware can be insidious and make its way into your operating system without your knowledge or consent, at which time it typically logs your personal information and sells it to third parties. Let’s look at what adware and spyware are, briefly, and then understand why should you remove adware from your system and how to do it.

Generally speaking adware gets downloaded as part of another program, without your knowledge and, consequently, without your consent. Many free software programs have adware attached to them so when you download the software you might be downloading adware unintentionally.

Why should you remove adware from your computer?

Adware is a tool advertising companies use to increasing revenue by gathering information about you and your browsing habits. But what will it do to your computer? Well, some adware software programs will just sit and hibernate on your computer and cause little if any problems at all. Some however can do much more than sit and hibernate. Since software programs supported by adware have adware-free counterparts and is often used to sponsor a free version of a type of software most adware programs will begin to form user profiles about you and sometimes sell them to third party users. That’s where the danger comes in. Once your profile has been sold there’s no telling what can happen with your information and since adware and spyware are usually found together anyone could gain access to your personal information including credit card numbers or social security numbers. That’s why it is so important to remove adware and spyware as soon as you realize it has infected your computer.

How to remove adware from your computer?

If you’ve realized that you have adware on your computer and don’t want it there anymore you’re going to have to remove it. Here are some simple tips to removing adware from your computer:

1. Scan your system: Scan your entire operating system with an anti-spyware and anti-adware software program. After you have scanned the entire system then re-boot your computer (whether or not the scanner told you to do so). Scan your system one more time before you connect to the internet so you can see if there are any other traces of the adware on your computer system.

2. Safe Mode: Adware vendors will often times use resuscitators or files that work hard to keep the adware infection on your operating system no matter what you do to remove them. When you reboot your computer in Safe Mode it ensures that the vast majority of the infected files will be removed. Once you are in Safe Mode you will need to re-scan using your anti-adware software so that it can remove any leftover traces of adware infection.

3. Reset settings: After you have removed all the adware infection you want to make sure it won’t reintegrate itself back into your system when you connect to the internet. Reset your browser home page to what it originally was and make sure your host file hasn’t been hijacked. Check the add/remove programs and uninstall any applications you recognize as being associated with the adware.

There several web sites on the internet that can help you if the problem becomes more serious and persistent. This however should give you a good idea of why you should and how to remove adware from your computer.

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