Internet Filtering: Your Options and Where to Find Them

The World Wide Web does, and is, many great things for children. However, along with being a rich source of information at the touch of a button which can help them with school work, aid in their ability to keep in touch with friends and provide them hours of fun entertainment options, the internet has its drawbacks. In fact, the internet, not unlike other facets of life, has its unsafe, even dangerous, areas. This is not new news to parents, who are always hearing things on the radio, on television, from their children’s school and even from other parents about how dangerous the internet can be.

Internet filtering is a great tool to help parents keep their children safe. However, trying to find the best internet filter to suit their family’s needs can leave a parent wondering where to look, how to find reviews or information and when to purchase the software. A variety of places on the web not only sell internet filter programs but provide articles, blogs and ratings and reviews, so parents can review and compare programs then decide which option, based on their needs, is best for them.

Top Ten Reviews

On Top Ten Reviews’ website, they have reviewed ten internet filtering programs. Each filter is rated best to worst and reviewed for effectiveness. The options each internet filter offers are listed as well to help parents choose which filter will work best for their children and their situation. There are very strict filters and those that are less restrictive; most internet filters have settings so parents can adjust security and restrictive level to fit their requirements.

This website is very comprehensive and is very helpful for a parent searching for an internet filter when they don’t care to do the legwork and information gathering by themselves; the work has been done for them on this website. Internet filters can be purchased and the prices are available on the Top Ten Reviews website.

Shareware Connection

Shareware Connection is another website that offers reviews to parents about different internet filtering options. Some of the filters that are reviewed are free while others can be purchased for a variety of prices. While this website does not rate every filter, it does post reviews for all of them to help parents find one that will be best for their circumstances.

Family Internet Safety

Family Internet Safety reviews internet filtering sites very similar to the Top Ten Reviews website. There are ten options listed and reviews of each one for the consumer. Prices are listed and the programs can be purchased directly from the Family Internet Safety site. This website also has a blog with even more information about internet filters, in case parents want parent-to-parent information or real life advice.

Computer Shopper

On the product review portion of the Computer Shopper website, parents can view different internet filtering options. This site reviews several options for internet filtering. Parents can click on the name of the filter and read an article about the different features that each of the products offers.

Moral Metric is a newer site, offering reviews of internet filters. They rate ten different options for internet filtering and explain their rating system. This website also has articles about filtering that parents can read to find out more about the different options that are offered. There discussion boards for parents to discuss their views and options about internet filtering, which can help parents gather more information about internet filters and their pros and cons.

Amazon has a large variety of internet filter programs available for purchase. Each product has a brief description, giving parents an overview of the software features and capabilities so they can decide which program is best for their family.

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